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I'm having a bit of trouble...
Saturday February 17th, 2007 09:04 PM
Sorry if this is out of line or anything but I can't seem to access the glitter boards at supernaturale.com. I don't know anyone IRL who posts there so I don't know if it's just me or is anyone else having this problem? I know there's a lot of crossover traffic here so, can anyone else who visits there tell me if it's just my computer or is the site really down? Thanks!

Tuesday December 26th, 2006 04:35 AM
I dream of making the Mr. cute, nutritious, and colourful bento boxes everyday. I drool over pictures of bento boxes full of bite size goodies, but sadly, I am bento intolerant. Until now:

Hahahaha!!! So what if my rice onigiris are hopelessly mishapen. So what if they fall over instead of sitting up in the bento! I can make kickass felt ones!!! So there!

(these onigiris are made of needle felted wool and were carefully wrapped in vintage kimono 'seaweed' They will be on sale very soon at www.pinngurl.com)

ps. Do you think they look better with or with out eyes?

Christmas in Japan
Saturday December 23rd, 2006 08:22 PM
Yesterday I was out in Harajuku and came across a whole bunch of santa on wheels!

Hee. Yep, Christmas here is pretty fun. I also really like how la foret decorates the ginko tree in front of it's shop rather than get a bg ole fake tree. Here's a better pic:

I would love it even more if the caption on the bottom of the billboard reads : '
Say yes! to being happy...
Say No!! to drastic hair changes right before the holidays!'

And I took some pics of the hat I made for the Mr. It's a really simple little thing, I think the leather yarn worked out real well though. It looks really rugged and feels great.

I need to find a better closure for the flap aprt though. This white one looks a wee bit too femme.

Here's me modeling it on my head. Thanks for taking my pic Sarah!

And this is how far along I am on the colour work sleeve:

In less time then I thought.
Thursday December 21st, 2006 10:58 PM
The hat is done. My right shoulder is hating on me right now but last night, I managed to finish the Mr.'s prezzie :) I really want to take a pic to show you all, but he's home right now so I can't. I'll try to update with pics tomorrow though. I'm just so happy!!

I'm in BIG trouble.
Thursday December 21st, 2006 05:06 AM
X-mas is looming and although me and the Mr. promised each other we'd do a low-key christmas this year (which I thought meant no gifts) He went and got me something anyway. Not just one thing, but a bunch of things (which he insists are 'nothing much')! It's very sweet but I really hadn't expected it. There they sit under our tree, mocking me. I was thinking of just giving him kisses, cuddles, and a nice cake! But now I can feel the presents' death stare boring in to the back of my skull. I should really make him something...

To make things worse I've fallen for a new knitting project:
isn't it cute!?!?

I started the stranded colour work sweater I've tinkering with in my head since last year. And I honestly can not believe how simple colour work really is. This isn't my first colour work, I've done it before but I've always used what I term 'gorilla tactics' with my color knitting. I combine both intarsia and stranding in the same projects, what ever felt right in each colour change. The result was ok, but a bit bumpy in places and really slow. Now I discovered knitting with two colours in one hand and suddenly things just clicked! It's great! And the result is just so smooth I just sit and stare at it from time to time. I'm drawing up the motifs as I go and I'm so excited. It's just so damn cute I want to go 'Squeeee!!!' every time I turn the work right side out to check my progress. I can't stop thinking about it or working on it!

But now... I think I might have to take time away from my new knitting crush. I decided in the remaining time before X-mas I will make the Mr. a manly hat. Yes, I dug out some leather yarn that I'm frogging from a second-hand leather tunic and will be knitting that up in to a leather skull cap. The leather is pretty old so it's all nice and soft. it looks absolutely awesome knitted up... But, dear craftistas, this leather yarn is just so un-lovable! It's sticky and CLINGS to my bamboo needles (on my denise ones it refused to budge at all!) And plus, it smells like leather, while the Mr. has no problems with this smell, it makes me car sick :S

stinky leather yarn

*Sigh* What it boils down to, I guess, is that I really love my husband and want to give him something nice for X-mas, so there's nothing for it, I will just hold my breath and hope this yarn knits up fast!

It's DONE!!!
Thursday October 19th, 2006 08:14 AM
The cardigan that never ends is DONE!!!

Isn't it cute? I wanted a vintagey girly something or other for the cold weather. Started designing it early this year and knitted it over the summer. Problem was it was dull as dirt to knit. I designed it using very simple constructions (no shaping at all. the ribbing made the piece draw in by itself) with no seaming except for the little bit at the armpits. I guess it all worked out too well, 1/4th of the way through I was sick of the twist-stitch pattern and the design didn't offer anything to spice it up. Except the magic loop sleeves, but I don't like magic loop that much anyway :P But, the end result is well worth it.

This sweater loooves your curves and for a curvy girl like me, that is a very good thing. The square neck makes my girls look good:

And the ribbing accentuates the curves of the waist and hips:

I really like how this sweater doesn't tell you to loose a few more pounds, instead it tells you how pretty you are right now, and how your curves make you look that much sexier. In fact, just like any good relationship, it takes time to build-up, has it's boring bits, but is oh so good in the long run.

*eta* sorry for the bad pics, I was so excited that it's finished that I couldn't wait for the mister to get home and take pictures, so I had to take them in the bathroom, then I wised up and used the computer's camera. But you can still see my messy house in the background anyway.

I'm back!
Wednesday September 20th, 2006 08:10 PM
Hey y'all! I missed you! I'm back from my internet haitus for now. I've been so busy since I got back from Thailand. I needed to complete my summer vacation home work for 2 classes (knitting/natural dyeing) in about 2 weeks. I finished my dyeing homework yesterday so I thought I'd post pics.

The assignment was to dye yarn green using any plant you can find near your home.


I used this specimen I found growing besde the railway near my apartment. It looks sort of like goldenrod but I'm not sure of the name. I only know that there's an abundance of them growing around here and they are considered pests. I took the pics so I can show my teacher what it is exactly that I used.

This is one that was felled. (the stick wasn't a stake for the plant, it's just railway trash I think) We had to run into the side of the railway when the crossing opened and when a train came the mr. would go 'RUN RUN!!' it was, um... quite an adrenaline rush. But really I doubt we would have been run over. We were at least a couple of meters away from the tracks at least. Anywhoo, the plant when picked gave off a sharp sappy smell. As a rule of thumb plants with strong smells mostly give good colours so I had high hopes.

I then went home and spent the day wacking the weed in to small peices (thus giving myself a nasty friction burn) boiling/ mordanting/ taking temperatures/ running around with hot yarns and dye baths. All in all I had a pretty good time.

And the finished product:

Both were mordanted with chrome. The left hand yellowish one was dyed with the first dye bath. The right hand green was dyed with the second dye bath to which 1% alkaline powder was added during the extraction, thus the minty green. I swear they smell just great. They still have their sappy green-ish smell but it's dried down to a sort of hay like scent with a bit of wool thrown in. There is nothing like it. Close your eyes, sniff the yarn, and the memory of a summer morning just comes flooding back

you will not believe what happened
Saturday August 19th, 2006 01:51 AM
Hey ladies, I'm finally dragging myself up from the s**t hole that my life has become to blog again. I'm beginning to think the universe has something against me right now.

First off, after coming back to Thailand my dad's condition got worse and worse. He was in a the icu for about a month. Then he passed away. We were all sad, but at least he passed calmly and with not much pain. I'm thinking he has probably moved on to a better place now although I still miss him a lot. I didn't blog or write anything about it at the time because I was still processing my own emotions and then a whole bunch more happened.

A day after the funeral business was done my mom was hospitalised with high blood pressure. We think it was because of stress. She got well really soon and is alright now. But it was quite a scare.

My husband and neighbor who are in Tokyo were helping pack the house up because my mom will be moving back to Thailand soon and the lease expires in september. Anyway mom gets mad at them because she wants to go back and pack for herself, and neighbors get offended and I'm stuck negotiating and trying to resolve the conflicts. It turned into one of those cases of good intentions gone bad and no one was happy.

And this is the cherry on the whole cake: ust a couple of days before my dad passed away I found out I was pregnant. We (me and the Mr.) were really excited and happy and I had a great time buying baby stuff, baby books, I even got maternity pants. Looking back it was really dumb to go out and buy before the first trimester was over, but I was really excited. Dude, last monday I started spotting. It was light at first and I didn't think too much about it but it wouldn't stop so I went into have the doc. take a look. It turned out I had a blighted ovum and the baby had stopped developing at about 4 weeks ( was at week 9 by that time). I was devestated, really. A day after the exam I had some mild cramping in the morning and it got progrssively worse till by 9 o'clock at night I passed the sac. I got into the hospital and they said I had passed everything naturally and my cervix had closed. And that was the end of the pregnancy. *sigh* I've almost stopped bleeding now, and looking back the pain wasn't very severe, but I wanted the baby so much. I think the emotional pain was the worse.

I really hope my bad luck phase is over, i mean, i think this should be enough for a while right? :S We'll see how things turn out. I'll get back to crafting soon, but for now I'm just trying to keep my head above the water. Hope you ladies are doing better than me. I'm off to catch up on your blogs now.

long time gone.
Thursday June 29th, 2006 01:25 AM
Hey ladies, I'm back. It's been a while but I was so busy all this time. My dad has gotten really sick recently, his cancer has spread (lung, brain, backbone, and now heart) and he's slipped in to a sleep that's lasted for weeks now. We're not sure why he's unconcious, I think it's partly his pain medications and partly due to the cancer in his brain. I've almost come to terms that, sooner or later, we are going to lose him to this cancer.

So yeah, days have been spent in and out of the hospital, trying to catch up with housework in between. Next week they're moving him back to Thailand (from Japan where we're living) and my mom and older sister is going with him. Then me and my younger sister and dog will be following pretty soon. I'm going to be there for only a few weeks, I gotta get back to hubby and I have classes and such and little sis has to come back here too, she decided Japan is now her home. Anyway, it'll be nice to go back for a while, to meet up with old friends and relations again.

Needless to say, It's been a hell of a time around these here parts lately. Growing up seems to have taken me by surprise. I've never considered myself grown but all of the sudden I find myself caring for two houses, a sister and a dog with no 'grown-up' in sight! Yeah, It's heart breaking in a way, It seems our little family has come to a breaking point. Me and little sis staying on in Japan (at least for a while) and mum and my older sister heading home with our puppy, and who knows what's in store for dad...

Amazingly enough I still find time to craft. I've finished my new quilt top, waiting to quilt it, I also am making progress on the techniques of natural dyeing. I'm still working on a knit cardigan and am hoping to squeeze some spinning in to the schedule also. I'll try to post pics of the new projects when I get the chance, miss all of you.

It's up!!
Thursday May 25th, 2006 04:51 AM
The surprise for spring knitty is up, and I'm in it!! Yay! I designed the blossom skirt

Check it out y'all!

Looking back at the pattern I still can't figure out how I came up with that skirt. Much less, managed to adjust the design in to 5 different sizes! Thinking back to when I was working on it, I can still hear my brain sizzle, just a little bit!

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