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A Laptop-Naptime Mama
Monday September 18th, 2006 03:38 PM
Last week I was excited to be asked by the creators of to contribute to their website (see - a great site with hilarious blogs by and for working mom’s). So from now on I’ll be posting my Benny blogs here and there and this is what I posted as a kind of intro blog over at Rolemommy...

A Laptop-Naptime Mama

I wouldn’t really consider myself a working mom. I don’t own a suit. If I tried to walk in kitten heels, I would find myself on a gurney heading straight to ER. A blackberry, to me, is something you pick from a bush and eat. Having to conduct pay negotiations with a nanny would give me bone-chilling nightmares and, if found in a swishy after-work wine bar, I’d be pestering the bartender for a pint of Fosters. Oh, and a regular pay check, what’s that? This mama doesn’t even own a cell phone.

But, then I wouldn’t really consider myself a stay-at-home mom either. I have never baked a cake. Hand-sewing a Thomas the Tank Engine Halloween costume for my three year old son, Benny, would be as unfathomable as quantum physics. And tripping joyfully between toddler-cize classes and mini-Picasso workshops? Please. My energy and time are way too limited.

Okay, I’m generalizing. No one completely falls into either of those categories. Some working moms can stitch kiddie-costumes that would make Yves Saint Laurent weep. And I’ve known stay-at-home mom’s who like to wear mascara and heels to the park (and on the jungle gym) and gladly chug back Sauvignons at fancy wine bars after their days of kid-work.

Unsatisfied with the two available “mom” categories, as many moms probably are, I have decided more categories are needed. To start this process, I hereby name myself a “laptop-naptime mama.”

Now, you may not know too many of these moms. But, believe me, they’re out there. They’re lurking behind unmade beds, behind sinks loaded with peanut butter encrusted knives, and piles of unlaundered, mud-splattered, 3T clothing. These women, like me, have all the trappings of a stay-at-home-mom, i.e. they stay at home with their children. But, as soon as their little darlings disappear off into the land of nod, these mamas sprint – yes, I mean Carl Lewis sprint – to their laptops and begin to pound at the keys, writing their books, their blogs, their journals, or their screenplays.

Being a “laptop-naptime” mom has its downsides. While other mom’s I know leave the park when they please and even go for leisurely coffees or drinks while their kids sleep in strollers, at the first yawn or eye rub from Benny, I must transform into an Army Field General. Orders are barked out, bags have to be packed, the toy Benny’s borrowed from another child must be returned, the ensuing tantrum must be dealt with. All in five minutes, tops. Then, I must sprint home – Carl Lewis style once again – and make sure he does not drop off in his stroller. The transition from stroller to bed is a “laptop-naptime” mom’s worst nightmare. And all this, so I can work for a few precious, peaceful hours on my novel or my blog or sometimes (when I feel like returning to my deep-dark academic past) on an article for a literary journal.

But, as with any other mommy role, being a “laptop-naptime mama” does have its upsides too. For one, because I’m the world’s biggest naptime nazi – I’ll stoop to any kind of bribery or threats to get Benny to sleep – Benny still takes deliciously long naps. Other mom’s I know are pulling their hair out because their three years olds no longer sleep in the afternoons. Not Benny. You can practically see the big ZZZ’s rising from his bed.

In all, I’m enjoying being a “laptop naptime mama.” But I acknowledge it’s a stage. Pretty soon, Benny will join his brethren and stop taking naps. But, when that day comes, I am resolved to be strong and happily rename myself a “suck-it-up-pay-for-a babysitter-and-take-my-laptop-to-a-coffee-shop” mama.

comment by Sewlittletime
Tuesday September 19th, 2006 01:58 PM
I thoroughly enjoyed reading your laptime-naptime mama story!! :)
My younger son (turning 5 in Jan.), also took nice long afternoon naps until he was almost 4! Thankfully, he and my older son are such good boys, and keep themselves well occupied and out of mischief while I retreat to my bed, write in my journal, and take a little snooze.
Next year I'll be done w/ home schooling, with my older son in Jr HS, AND the wee boy will have transitioned from pre-school to kindergarten. Oh boy!! I get to do WHATEVER I WANT!!!!!!
I'm giddy with the possibilities!!
comment by yardenxanthe
Wednesday September 20th, 2006 01:36 AM
You're such a gifted writer!
comment by Knits4Fun
Wednesday September 20th, 2006 08:21 AM
I'll have to check out rolemommy! My son also still needs his nap (almost three).
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