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Labels and Lotta
Wednesday November 24th, 2004 05:55 PM
I'm a sucker for pretty labels. I usually can't bear to part with my favorite ones, which is where my scanner and mini-Xyron sticker machine come in handy (example of use: my scintillation vial spice rack). My collection started with some letterpress labels (since discontinued) from Martha. They actually weren't Martha-made, and I've since seen them in several stationary stores. Then I found a whole box of pretty labels at a book store. I also have a Lotta Jansdotter set, which I am in love with. Both are made by Chronicle Books, which I think has the best design taste among any of the big book/stationary purveyors. (Look for their Jill Bliss Native Flowers Journal coming in March.) And if you haven't seen Jansdotter's work before, I encourage you to visit her website. She's awesome. Check out the aprons and textiles in her shop. And finally, since there's no such thing as too many cool labels, I got yet another box from Iomoi since they're on sale this week. Iomoi's stuff is generally pretty cute, so I have high hopes.



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