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Tuesday January 25th, 2005 04:46 PM
I was so pleased with the little flower pin I made last night, I felt like running around yelling "It worked! It worked!" It's just an Irish crochet rose with a 1960s button in the middle and a pin on the back, nothing terribly exciting, but I just wasn't sure whether it would come out the way I'd imagined it. However, I think it looks most excellent on a plain square hat - I was going to take a photo this morning, but the light wasn't good enough. Now I'm looking forward to making matching pins for the other hats!

Still trying to decide what to use the other buttons for. I like the idea of crocheted wrist bands with buttons sewn all over them, but I'll have to try one first to see if it turns out okay. Since I have all my yarns sorted by colour, and all my buttons sorted into colours, I feel like I ought to combine them somehow :)

Projects currently on the go:

- blue fluffy yarn square hat (I love that yarn, I wish I had more of it), red and gold yarn square hat (both to be sent up to Champion at the end of the week)

- purple acrylic yarn hat with rosette, and a black yarn one the same, for my friend who suffered a bad haircut last week and needs emergency assistance

- finish fringing the denim, red and black yarn and the green mohair ponchos

- sew elastic into friend's baby's poncho (have the elastic now, just haven't had the time yet)

- sew lining into granny square bag

- sew polar fleece lining into multicoloured hair wraps/hats and attach press studs

comment by caitlin
Tuesday January 25th, 2005 05:52 PM
I love seeing all that enthusiasm! It can't help but rub off on some of us.
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