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Friday September 02nd, 2005 12:56 AM
I feel so bad for neglecting this blog - but I have been constructive, honest. I now have a shop up on Etsy.com: http://octopusgrrl.etsy.com, and I've sold 3 hats so far, w00t! I decided today that I would donate the payment for anything I sell in Sept to the hurricane relief fund, because I feel so helpless here in New Zealand in the face of such tragedy. I've also listed a couple of hats on the Crafters United site for their fundraising - check it out if you haven't already, there's some amazing things on there and all for a good cause. There's new stuff going up all the time, and they've already raised over $7500 - the crafty community makes me proud :)

I still haven't finished the website proper, but I think I will use that more as a showcase for possible commissions, so people can see the hats I've made previously and order the style in the yarn/colour they want. I really hate coding and such so I'd prefer not to have to constantly update the site when stuff sells or when I make new stock.

There's a new local weekend market day being organised for October, so hopefully that will get off the ground. I'd need to sort myself out a table and chairs, but I think I can pick them up pretty reasonably. They'll only be charging $20-30 a stand, so that's not too bad, and I don't have to do it every week, just when I've got heaps of hats to sell.

My "crochet" spreadsheet is finally showing a profit! Helps when I'm not spending all the proceeds on yarn ;) I have a couple of confirmed commissions for hats this week, and another possible one - all for friends, so they won't be full price, but still.

I put my hair into dreadlocks about 6 weeks ago, so I've been making tams and bands and such to tidy them into for work. The tams are more like snoods, but I think they're pretty cute. I've wanted to hang onto the ones I've made so far, but I might n

I've almost finally completed the "scary" granny square hoodie that I've been working on for about a year, off and on. I hope I have the guts to wear it when it's done - it's pretty full-on and not for the shy and retiring!

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