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Thursday September 29th, 2005 11:05 PM
eeep! A busy weekend lined up. I want to finish all the hats I've been working on so that I can take photos either Saturday or Sunday, depending what the weather is like (I need lots of light for my crappyass digicam) and I also want to finish off the final few rows of the last sleeve of the Multicoloured Granny Square Hoodie O' Doom - I've been working on this for months, and I think it's looking pretty special. I'm not sure whether I'll be brave enough to wear it in public just because it's so full-on, but I'm still proud of it.

Amanda from Champion wants me to send her some stuff about my creative process and my inspirations for the Champion newsblog, so I thought I'd write some thoughts here that I might be able to draw on.

I started my love affair with yarn when I was about 16. I worked at a local supermarket in a minimall that also had a yarn shop, and during my breaks I'd cruise across there and raid their bargain bins - I still have scraps of yarn that date back to that time, we're talking nearly 20 years ago, people! My grandmother had shown me how to knit during my summer holidays and gave me all her leftover yarn, and I was further inspired by the rash of knitting and craft books that came out in the late 1980s (horrifying to look at today, unless you have a particular thing for brightly coloured boxy sweaters!) There was a British part-by-part series that I only ever bought the first issue of, called, I think, "Creative Needlecrafts", and it had small starter projects in patchwork, tapestry, crossstitch and crochet. I tried some patchwork and crochet, started a couple of things, but I didn't really get into crochet properly for another few years, when I decided that I was able to get stuff finished quicker and easier in crochet than with knitting - my needles started gathering dust from then on in...

More later.

Friday September 02nd, 2005 12:56 AM
I feel so bad for neglecting this blog - but I have been constructive, honest. I now have a shop up on Etsy.com: http://octopusgrrl.etsy.com, and I've sold 3 hats so far, w00t! I decided today that I would donate the payment for anything I sell in Sept to the hurricane relief fund, because I feel so helpless here in New Zealand in the face of such tragedy. I've also listed a couple of hats on the Crafters United site for their fundraising - check it out if you haven't already, there's some amazing things on there and all for a good cause. There's new stuff going up all the time, and they've already raised over $7500 - the crafty community makes me proud :)

I still haven't finished the website proper, but I think I will use that more as a showcase for possible commissions, so people can see the hats I've made previously and order the style in the yarn/colour they want. I really hate coding and such so I'd prefer not to have to constantly update the site when stuff sells or when I make new stock.

There's a new local weekend market day being organised for October, so hopefully that will get off the ground. I'd need to sort myself out a table and chairs, but I think I can pick them up pretty reasonably. They'll only be charging $20-30 a stand, so that's not too bad, and I don't have to do it every week, just when I've got heaps of hats to sell.

My "crochet" spreadsheet is finally showing a profit! Helps when I'm not spending all the proceeds on yarn ;) I have a couple of confirmed commissions for hats this week, and another possible one - all for friends, so they won't be full price, but still.

I put my hair into dreadlocks about 6 weeks ago, so I've been making tams and bands and such to tidy them into for work. The tams are more like snoods, but I think they're pretty cute. I've wanted to hang onto the ones I've made so far, but I might n

I've almost finally completed the "scary" granny square hoodie that I've been working on for about a year, off and on. I hope I have the guts to wear it when it's done - it's pretty full-on and not for the shy and retiring!

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