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target bag project
Sunday August 07th, 2005 06:38 PM
i was thinking i would do something about the ever-growing collection of plastic bags that have amassed in our kitchen. why not make something sturdy and re-usable?

the bag: before

we had loads and loads of target bags, so i thought i'd cut them up into strips (making a sort of plastic "yarn") and crochet them together into a sack i can use at the grocery store. and holy MOLY, did i cut up a lot of bags. i really should've kept count of how many i used. i cut the strips approx 3.5-4" wide.

after carefully knotting the strips together (the plastic tends to stretch quite a bit), i pulled out my size P crochet hook and started with a joined-round circle of (US) double crochet. i kept making rounds until i hit 48 stitches, then kept working up the sides with 48.

the NEW bag

once i completed the last round, i started the strap with 4 dc and worked until it was about 30" long, then connected it to the other side of the bag.


the measurements:
~36" circumference at top
~12" deep

like i said, the plastic is a little stretchy, so i'm interested to see how much "give" it has. i won't be carrying anything terribly heavy with it, just in case. fruit? yes. a couple bags of lettuce? sure. a gallon of milk? no way!

in any case, it's better than letting these bags end up in a landfill, right? plus i got some good crafting time in.

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