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whoops, i forgot one!
Sunday July 31st, 2005 03:11 PM
nothing major, just a preliminary photo of a shadowbox i finished last week.


i need to get outside and take a photo when the sun's not too blazing, because DANG, it's hard to shoot through glass without getting a glare.

i bought the box at IKEA months and months ago. i figured i'd use it "eventually", but could never come up with a solid idea. so i pulled it out of the closet last week, and gathered up some random elements and starting putting things together. i painted the outside pink and the inside is periwinkle. there's a repro of an old key hanging on the right side, and the other side (not pictured) has a wooden ladybug, a peapod charm and a 4-leaf clover charm glued to it. the porcelain monkey figurine sits on a clear-topped metal tin, and there's a picture of a clock face glued in the botton of the tin. the back has poetry dog tags attached with small brads. there's a small glass slipper sitting atop a mirror next to the monkey.

and now i want to make some more.

new craftiness
Sunday July 31st, 2005 03:00 PM
the pad stack
i spent the past couple days cutting out pieces of cotton flannel and sewing 'em together to make re-usable pads.

the pad array
there's bacon and eggs, power puff girls, spongebob, yoda, etc. i have some hello kitty flannel as well, but i'm a little "padded out" at the moment. maybe later! the inserts are 3 or layers, and some of them also have a cotton terry cloth layer.

a closer look

i HAD to get the yoda fabric when i spotted it at joann's on friday. and heck, it was 50% off! SUCH a deal.

if only i had better control over the serger when it comes to curves. it's really hard (for me, anyway) to navigate around small curves.

the maroon fabric has been in my stash for a few years, and it is SO incredibly soft. i think i'm going to have to get some more for myself. NOT that i'm not perfectly happy with spongebob and yoda. in fact, my partner has informed me that the spongebob fabric is undoubtedly more absorbent than any of the others since spongebob is, after all, a sponge. silly!!

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