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Make It: Advent Calendars
Monday November 17th, 2008 10:59 PM
advent calendars

I do not mean to put Christmas on your mind before Thanksgiving, but this is something you need to create before December 1!

Last year inspired by a project I saw on Flickr, I made magnetic advent calendars for my nieces and nephews and even myself! Instead of using cookie sheets, because I did not have any from garage saling, I used sheet metal memo boards, which I had on hand from selling at craft shows. Because they were Christmas gifts, I am anxious to find out if they use their calendars this year!

To make it into a group swap project, get a group of five people. Each person would be assigned five days of the calendar (1-5, 6-10, 11-15, 16-20, 21-25) and would create five sets of five designs (25 in total). Each person could decorate her cookie sheet (the back/bottom) and then you swap out your magnets for the others. If you are afraid of a color disaster, agree to a certain colors ahead of time. For mine, I used red, pinks, greens, white, silver and gold.

With the cookie sheets or jelly roll pans, you decorated the back so you hide the magnets behind. Then, each day you pull a magnet out and put it on the front; it is a sugar-free advent calendar! With mine, the magnets are in a tin so the kids will have to pick through (they can practice their numbers!)

Comb through your junk drawer and missing pieces box to find things to use. I found pesos, bells, buttons, erasers, dice, dominoes, game pieces and bottle caps. Then, I used cardboard, ribbon and scrapbook items to fill in the rest. You can view my photo notes on Flickr of what and how I used the pieces!

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DIY Clear Stamp Binder
Thursday September 11th, 2008 08:10 PM
DIY clear stamp binder

Before I left my job for grad school, my coworker gave me her old Day Timer planner thinking I would find it useful for keeping myself organized for school and work. It was too bulky to work for me, but I held on to it. After seeing the Making Memories clear stamp binder, but not being able to find it in a store, I decided to make my own from the Day Timer!

The photo might be hard to follow because there is so much clear going on, but there are more photos at flickr. The Day Timer planner had four color folders and a clear zipper pouch (on the left side with the alphabet and smaller sets). A Making Memories set came with a clear sleeve meant for their binder (I had to punch additional holes in it to make it work with this binder) and stuck it in. I thought I had a clear sleeve/sheet protector, but it is currently MIA. Instead, I punched holes in the plastic that the other sets came in so they would be sleeved. It is not heavy duty plastic, but I do not plan of rifling through these like a madwoman, I'm just not that kind of crafter :)

All that and it zips close so it can go on my shelf next to my Craftmates (see photo of my craft room)! I love being organized, plus, when my sister calls and asks if I want to come over, I can grab my loot and go!

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Recipe: Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Pie
Tuesday August 19th, 2008 11:03 AM
[I'm going to revive posting here along with my own blog udandi & the craft of money]

1 ready to use chocolate pie crust
2 pints mint chocolate chip ice cream
1 1/4 cup crushed chocolate covered mint cookies (grasshoppers)
1 cup fudge topping

1. Spread 1 pint of the ice cream in pie crust. Sprinkle 1 cup of the crushed cookies over ice cream. Cover and freeze 1 hour.
2. Spread remaining pint of ice cream over cookies. Cover and freeze about 3 hours or until firm.
3. Let stand at room temperature about 10 minutes before cutting. Serve with fudge topping; sprinkle with remaining cookies. Cover and freeze any remaining pie.

photo of Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Pie

Make It: Chalkboard Sign
Wednesday September 20th, 2006 11:50 PM
chalkboard signMy dad had an extra real estate sign that he let me paint both sides with chalkboard paint (2 coats each side). We are going to use it to announce an open house we will be holding for one of his properties.

This is the second odd thing I have painted with the chalkboard paint. The other was a tray table that I can doodle on or make notes!

Although not a pricey as magnetic paint, I bought the chalkboard paint at Michaels when I had a 50% off coupon.

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Artistic Rain Barrels
Sunday April 09th, 2006 03:36 PM
I posted about this last year, Kentucky PRIDE hosts an artistic rain barrel contest where you can vote for your favorite. The barrels are auctioned off to benefit PRIDE, which stands for Personal Responsibility in a Desirable Environment.

The barrel I voted for only has one vote, but there are only 24 votes overall so help these artists!

Spring (break) cleaning!
Sunday March 12th, 2006 08:02 PM
Midterms are over and I am officially on spring break, which means spring cleaning!

Since winter break I have been neatly sorting boxes of items that are now appearing on eBay. When I look at my boxes, I am reminded that I've got a bit of my dad's packrat tendency, but then as I view the organized groupings I see a little bit of my mom's de-cluttering sensibility!

I encourage you to take a gander at my listings if you are in the market for
*random craft supplies
*original Star Wars or Muppets pillow cases; Star Wars comforter; Mickey Mouse bedding
*Dr. Scholl's wooden sandals for painting
*Stampin' Up! stamp sets
*women's shoes
*paperback books
*An inflatable shamrock (no, seriously who doesn't need this?!)

Raggedy Andy rocking chair
Tuesday March 07th, 2006 08:31 AM
raggedy andy rocking chair I posted a photo of this chair on my blog because I am posting my favorite chairs. But it has me curious, have you ever seen a rocking chair like this?

As a child, my grandparents bought each grandchild a rocking chair to keep at their house. When we would visit, we would drag those chairs out of the basement and up the stairs.

Each chair fits our personalities. My sister's was a traditional wood rocker, my brother's was wood with a little music box on the base so when he rocked it played a tune and mine was Raggedy Andy (get it?).

I believe it was a garage sale find almost 30 years ago and it has had that hole, but otherwise in good shape.

I was just wondering if anyone else had one like it or another character-type rocker!

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Contest: National Craft Month
Thursday March 02nd, 2006 10:30 PM
Even though udandi is off-line, I want to continue the tradition of sending out a goodie pack to the person who share the most inspiring project, complete with instructions and photos, in celebration of National Craft Month!

It could be a food craft, paper crafts, knitting, furniture building/refinishing and more. Everyone is encouraged to enter!

All entries must be received by March 31, 2006 for review by the office udandi team (aka my DIY family). Items of goodie pack are still to be determined, but it won't be lame, I promise.

To enter, please visit here.

NoKy Literature & Live Entertainment Fans
Monday February 20th, 2006 09:11 PM
"Story Cafe: Trouble in Mind"
Thursday, February 23 at 7pm
Erlanger Branch Library

Registration is suggested, but not mandatory:

Three performers will share stories chosen to stimulate discussion on race relations and the African-American experience.

Actor/director Buz Davis, performing arts teacher/dancer Deborah Brock-Blanks, and actor/director Don Volpenhein star -- with pieces from southern writer Jim Grimsley, past poet laureate and Ohioan Rita Dove and a piece from the stage adaptation of Harper Lee's "To Kill a Mockingbird." All three performers are involved in a workshop production of Arthur Miller's "The Crucible" scheduled to open the first weekend of March.

It's stimulating without being stuffy, entertaining without being fluffy... and snacks are included! Story Cafe -- it's good for your head!

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Happy Valentine's Day!
Tuesday February 14th, 2006 05:53 PM
happy valentines day 2006

This is a sampling of the cards I sent out this year to my Valentines!

I especially like the little bumble bee stamp ($1 Michaels) so that I could express "bee mine" to my little buddy who likes BUGS!

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