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Big News
Tuesday April 05th, 2005 01:46 PM
mini purse kitI strayed away from soap for long enough to come up with my submission for next month's Sampler. A mini purse kit with instructions. I spent all morning laying the instructions out (and rewriting them) in Photoshop, and I think they look pretty good. The best thing is that I already have everything made for these, I'll just have to assemble them. And I got the motherlode of buttons at my sister's dorm garage sale the other day, so I have lots of buttons for the kits.

I think the kits are gonna be really cool. The instructions will stand alone as a DIY project, too... just no supplies to make it work. I'm super excited about these.

Lemongrass Sage Swirl
Monday April 04th, 2005 12:12 PM
lemongrass sage soapI made this soap this weekend. Note the very subtle green swirl. I had planned for a more dramatic swirl, but the soapmaking was more eventful than I anticipated, and I had to mix the original swirl up and re-swirl... thus, the contrast is very slight. Still kind of a pretty soap, though. The scent is lemongrass sage, which is a really nice and clean scent. The recipe is all veggie (and mineral, 'cause I colored it with mica).

I have a list of non-soap things I need to do. One of them is taxes. I have Turbo Tax and all my tax paperwork sitting literally on top of my monitor, so close and yet so far from actually done. Perhaps I will attack that today. I'm pretty sure it won't be painful, but it's one of those things (like expense reports) that I never want to do.

I also need to set up this filing cabinet I bought months ago. I think it will help me declutter, because I'll then be able to file all these "important" papers that are sitting around the house with no home.

If I do those two things today, I will feel like I got something done.

Soap in my Shop
Saturday April 02nd, 2005 05:48 PM
hibiscus tea soapI put some of my soaps up in my shop. Two Quesoaps - Apricot Freesia & Cinnamon Orange; other soaps: Hibiscus Tea, Yummy Citrus Kumquat Swirl, and The Original Potted Meat soap (you know the one).

My shop has a lot of stuff in it now... I need to redesign, get a new domain name (think of a decent business name), etc.

I don't need to go crazy with a souped up website or anything, but I can't believe I don't have a domain name. The thing that's holding me back right now is just thinking of a decent business name. I guess I'm being really picky about it, but I have a short, tough list of criteria that the name must meet.

So, I've been thinking of that all week.

Coming soon to my shop: vegan lip balms, more perfume balms, lotion bars, roll-on perfume, perfume spray and/or room/linen spray. More soap, and more lip balm!

Coffee Kitchen Soap Cut & Beveled
Friday April 01st, 2005 12:41 PM

Here are the cut Coffee Kitchen Soap bars.  I like how they turned out.

Made w/french press brewed coffee and a few grounds. Scented with Warm Vanilla Sugar. Molded in a quart milk carton and a (clean) lye canister.

I'm saving up my creamer containers for future batches of soap. 

Smurf Blue Soap
Monday March 28th, 2005 09:14 PM
smurf soapThis soap turned smurf blue. Probably because the fragrance oil I used was slightly yellow. Yellow enough to turn my blue into smurf blue. I mixed in some of the cheese soap trimmings. All-in-all a very weird soap.

It also didn't work that well because I poured the soap over the trimmings, and the soap wasn't liquid enough, so there are air holes in the soap. Not great. I might just chop this up really fine and add it to yet another batch of soap. Stay tuned.

New Lip Balm Flavors!
Sunday March 27th, 2005 08:12 PM
orange choc truffle lip balmI made three new lip balm flavors for my shop this weekend.

Ginger Peach, Orange Chocolate Truffle, and "Lip Service" -- an herbal spicy one with tea tree and lavender essential oils (and a couple other herby/spicy flavor oils). I also put Butter Cream in tubes (mostly so I could use one).

Fear not, I have many, many more flavors of lip balm to come.

Coffee Kitchen Soap
Saturday March 26th, 2005 01:36 PM
coffee soapThis is an aerial view of the coffee kitchen scrubby soap. I made it with coffee for the liquid, and an ounce of coffee grounds for scrub-factor. It's scented with Warm Vanilla Sugar. I didn't have a coffee fragrance. I molded it in a quart-sized milk carton. Yay, something to do with something that I would normally throw away. Recycling! Yeah!

I'm gonna wait a couple more days to cut it because it's still softish. But I really like the way it looks. What's up with me liking the brown soaps? They're so un-flashy.

Chai Soap
Thursday March 24th, 2005 10:17 AM
chai soapI'm pretty happy with this soap. I used chai for the liquid, all veggie oils and scented it with a blend of Chai Tea and Spice Trade (the Chai Tea fragrance oil wasn't spicy enough). These FOs make the soap very thick when you pour it, which is why there are ridges like that on top of the soap.

I also powdered some Assam tea and put it in the batch for more of those fun speckles. I really like the way this soap turned out. It was also CPOP (Cold Process Oven Process -- regular CP but then you pop it in an oven at 180 for a couple of hours).

So now all the soaps have to cure. In theory, the CPOP ones don't have to cure for as long, but with soap, the longer the cure, the better, harder, and more long-lasting the soap is.

I made two more batches yesterday, but haven't looked at them or unmolded or cut or photographed them yet. I will tell you that one of them is smurf blue.

As far as when they'll be up for sale or sample, I'm still working on the logistics, but they're coming soon. I did put the perfume balms and chai mix up for sale, though.

Wednesday March 23rd, 2005 11:15 AM
Easter Bunny Rapper's Delight

The Toymaker -- Paper toys to print up and make. Neato!

The All Veggie Carrot Soap
Wednesday March 23rd, 2005 11:02 AM
carrrrrrot soapI juiced some carrots and used the juice for the liquid in my soap recipe. I used all vegetable oils and fats for this recipe -- so, coconut, canola, and olive. I also added some cinnamon because I wanted brown speckles because I was thinking it would look something like pumpkin pie. I also added a little bit of carrot pulp (I have read that other people have done it with success, and really liked the resulting soap).

It looked a lot like pumpkin pie when I poured it. I then did CPOP (Cold Process Oven Process) -- it was in the oven for 2 hrs at 180 degrees.

Is cooking a carrot soap stupid?

Hmm. Well, now it still looks like pumpkin pie. Cooked pumpkin pie. I don't really think it's cooked or anything, but it smells pretty carrotty. I hope it gets better with age.

Is there a food Heather CAN'T recreate in soap form?

Coming soon: the chai soap (mmmm).

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