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Christy Petterson

a new chapter for the Indie Craft Documentary

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Written on March 5, 2007 11:33 PM

VenusZine called Faythe Levine a renaissance woman in Fall of 2006, and I have to agree. Not only does she have her own line called Flying Fish Design, organize Art vs. Craft and operate Paper Boat Boutique and Gallery, Faythe has embarked on the largest, most important project the indie craft scene has been a part of: the Indie Craft Documentary. In fall of 2003, Faythe returned to her home in Milwaukee from a big weekend in Chicago. She had spent that Saturday and Sunday participating in the very first Renegade Craft Fair, and like many after this event she felt inspired by and excited about what she had just experienced. While many crafters took this energy solely into their studios to start preparing for next years fair, Faythe saw the big picture. In fact, she saw a picture that should be projected onto the big screen. "I remember thinking," says Faythe, "'Oh my gosh! Someone should be doing a documentary on this scene.'"

Renegade Chicago

The next couple of years were very busy for Faythe as she started her successful craft market in Milwaukee, Art vs. Craft, and opened Paper Boat Boutique and Gallery, her brick and mortar store also in Milwaukee. Even amongst all these projects, the idea of a documentary of the indie craft scene didn't leave Faythe's mind. In December 2005, Faythe visited friend Micaela O'Herlihy, who was pondering a move from Los Angeles back to Milwaukee. When Micaela made the big move the following April the project was for sure going to happen and a short three months later the documentary was underway with Faythe as producer and director and Micaela as director of photography and co-director. With a first stop in Atlanta for the Indie Craft Experience, Faythe and Micaela conducted their first interview with Ileana Rodriguez of india*romeo. Fast forward to December 2006, and the documentary tour had clocked over 19,000 miles in a short seven month period. Faythe and Micaela interviewed over 50 crafters, craft market organizers and shop owners traveling to Brooklyn, Austin, Chicago, Los Angeles and Seattle, with a total of 14 cities. They plan to do a couple more interviews locally in Milwaukee and Madison as well as the Craft Congress in Pittsburgh at the end of March, but over all the filming portion of the project is complete.

Ileana of india*romeo

visiting Tootie & Billie of ReForm School, LA

the ladies of Stitch

Amy & Cinnamon of the DIY Trunk Show

Adorn office in NYC

visiting Susan Stars in LA

Leah Kramer in Boston

Now starts the almost daily job of reviewing the footage and editing it. An editor has been found and she will be working to create a trailer, which is scheduled to go online in April. A local, Milwaukee music group as been selected to score the music for the film as well. The process continues to move along, and the plan right now is to release the film in 2008. The release details have not been worked out yet because there is a lot to do before that point. Once the film is complete, however, it will premiere in a city where there is a large craft community, and special swag will be designed by various crafters to promote and celebrate the film. There is even the possibility of limited edition Sublime Stitching patterns to commemorate the premiere. After the film premieres, it will be available for purchase. In the coming months look for the complete trailer as well as the reveal of the film's title and a new website. You can still get involved with this great project by making a donation. The film has been funded so far by donations and personal credit cards and with all that traveling in addition to the production of the film, you know any amount of donation will help. Monetary donations are more than welcome, and you can also help out by making a purchase on the documentary's Etsy shop or by donating one of your smashing hand crafted items to be sold on the Etsy shop. As a thank you, anyone who makes a donation will get their name in the movie credits. Now when are you ever going to get the opportunity to have your name in movie credits..c'mon!

donation from Naughty Secretary Club

Faythe's goal from the beginning of this project has been to expose people outside the craft community of what's going on and to expose how big a community the indie craft scene is by showing how many people and places are involved. She wants to show how awesome and independent and successful all the people involved are and to show that the new wave of craft is building a counter economy based on creativity, support and networking. "I'm proud of the community I'm a part of," said Faythe, "and I want to show that off."

Micaela & Faythe, you girls rock!

Visit www.craftypod.com in April to hear Sister Diane's podcast interview of Faythe.


Christy Petterson is a writer, crafter, indie craft market organizer, co-editor of Get Crafty, p.r. specialist, avid coffee drinker, passionate lover of beer, roadie for her drummer-of-a-husband, all round nice person and....about to turn 30!

comment by Nancy Flynn on March 7, 2007 1:46 AM:

Awesome! What inspiring crafty women. And happy 30th birthday Christy!

comment by Christy Petterson on March 26, 2007 1:42 PM:

Great article~ And happy birthday!

comment by Christy Petterson on March 26, 2007 10:28 PM:

thanks you guys! i had a great birthday...30 is fun! :)