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Jo Mama

Bloggable Benny?

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Written on August 31, 2006 4:14 PM

The other day a kind “get-crafty-ista” emailed me to say she was missing my Benny Blog and wondered whether I – and my blog – had disappeared somewhere else on the internet. The truth is I got very busy with other writing projects and wrapped up in life with a two year old. Sadly, my blog was one of the many juggling balls I dropped and forgot to pick up again.

So, no, I didn’t jump ship and go blog elsewhere. And, yes, I’m resolved to start blogging Benny all over again. Hooray!

The only thing is, as I sat down to write this I wondered to myself, is Benny still bloggable? After all, as an increasingly independent soon-to-be three year old, he no longer hangs on my leg and thus no longer pulls down my low-riders to reveal hot pink thongs to unsuspecting, horrified parents at the park. He’s also figured out that baths aren’t for pooing, therefore freeing me from the unsavory task of fishing for poo. The letter A doesn’t prompt squeals of joy anymore. And, thanks to endless summer days under the sprinklers, Benny’s friends now find his dangly bits as humdrum as a Dora the Explorer re-run. (check out my old blogs, if you want the full stories on all this!)

But remembering how I blogged Benny’s dangly bits oh-so-long ago did jog a recent memory and made me realize that, of course, there is always good new Benny material to write about. Only the other morning, my partner was drying off after his shower. Benny, as usual, was nosing about in the bathroom cabinets – using my hairbrush to brush his teeth, unwinding inches of dental floss, skittering my tampons across the floor – when all of a sudden he looked up, pointed at his Dad, and said in a loud sing-song voice, “Really BIG willy!!”

So, there you go. I figure, if Benny can still generate a few funny stories about dangly bits then he is still eminently bloggable.

comment by Slinkster on August 31, 2006 4:33 PM:

Oh, but they get even more bloggable as the years go on!!! The more words they learn to say the more ways they learn to use them against you in public!

comment by girlsavage on August 31, 2006 4:52 PM:

Haha! Thanks, I was missing the blogs of Benny! :D

comment by Knits4Fun on September 1, 2006 1:52 PM:

Ah, the Benny blogs!! Welcome back! I missed them too and I have an independent soon-to-be three year old too!

comment by xaworld on September 3, 2006 1:28 AM:

I read them the other day and I loved them.... BLOG BENNY!!!