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  • Craft Fair 2009


    The craft fair 2009 was a great event that will be remembered all year long to 2010. Many participants have expressed their interest to attend another one in the coming year. It was a well organized show that took the interest of everyone into consideration. People came in high numbers....

  • Birthday Gifts For Female


    If you are looking for birthday gifts for female, you need to keep in mind that the females are a very sensitive kind of people. They can be easily impressed by even a simple but thoughtful gift and the key to winning a female is definitely through showing het that...

  • Types Of Beading.


    Q: I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction of what the different stitching methods are. I don't know what the "peyote stitch" is, compared to a "Brick stitch" or any of those.A: The new book from 'Interweave Press': "BeadWork Companion", $19.95 is an excellent resource for...

  • Stringing Material Advice.


    Q: I have worked with 'Tigertail' and 'Nymo' in making necklaces. 'Tigertail' is so stiff that one needs to be so careful not to knick it, and 'Nymo' is so fine it breaks and easily slips through jumprings. What are some other stringing materials that might better suit...

  • Free Craft Products


    Before you buy any of your crafts supplies, make sure that you check the products that are readily available. It is advisable to cut cost of your crafts projects. You can easily get free designs for your crafts products in books and on the web. However, getting a free crafts...

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