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  • Beads On The 'Net.


    Q: I'm finally on the 'net with some of my beads. I'm in the 'Perpetual Bead Show' at the 'Bead Bugle'.A: Well, I took a class offered by a local glass store going on four ears ago. Prior to lampworking, I did stained glass, so I was already interested in...

  • 90th Birthday Gifts


    It is very easy to organize a birthday party for your 7year old or your teenager; you can do it without spending a sleepless night wondering what the theme will be but when it comes to your 90 year old grandmother or great grandmother it becomes a whole new thing....

  • Brass & Steel Beads


    Q: I acquired some vintage or antique steel and brass beads (slightly faceted,14s?). I haven't see anything like them, even at good-sized bead fairs? I have only a small stash. I'd like to know what they are worth or their replacement value. Any ideas?A: It sounds like you have landed...

  • Figuring A Price For Finished Pieces.


    Q: I've been doing some simple pieces from silver (sheet & wire), cabochons, a few settings & a dabble of silver & bead work. Basically, to arrive at my selling price I just doubled my material cost for each piece and this has pretty much worked out fine.A: The...

  • Spring Arts And Crafts


    Spring is the ideal time for fun and frolic. Spicing the spring up with some arts and crafts will definitely add to the excitement and enjoyment. There are numerous spring craft ideas, which can enrich the experience of spending quality time with your kids, while both the kids and you...

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