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  • 'Cinnabar' Bead Source.


    Q: I'm looking for a source for 'Cinnabar' (and here, I'm talking about the lacquered wood) beads; online would be great, but I'd be happy to get a catalog, too. I'm especially interested in different shapes and colors (black, cream, etc.); while I do like the 15mm red rounds,...

  • Wedding Gift Store


    When shopping for wedding gifts, you want to buy a good present that will impress the recipients. You can be limited in finances but this does not mean that you cannot get a good gift. You should shop wisely and look for affordable gifts which are not of low quality....

  • Threading Beads With 'Crochet' Thread.


    Q: I've been making 'Crochet' beaded purses, using #30 'Crochet Thread', and #20 thread. I've just bought several colors in #10 thread but am having a hard time threading it. The only reason I bought them is I couldn't find the colors I wanted in the smaller sizes. Has anyone...

  • Cheap Wedding Party Gift


    Recession has hit countries and the pockets of majority of working class very badly. A wedding invitation is also an invitation to spend money. Can u think of buying a cheap wedding party gift for your best friend? NO way, but what can you do if you have a tight...

  • SF Bay Area Bead Stores.


    Q: I will be in San Francisco 11/12/17 and plan to go to 'Lacis' and 'General Bead'. I would appreciate any suggestions of other bead stores to visit while I am there.A: Global Beads in 'Mountain View' is fun, for beads in a variety of natural materials. 'Rising Arrow'...

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