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  • Bead Shops In Vegas.


    Q: Does anyone know of any bead shops in Las Vegas? Thanks in advance!A: Yes, I live in Vegas.... there are a few: 'Beads Plus', 'Sahara & Decatur', 'Beads and Findings', 'Decatur', 'Flamingo Beads and Things', 'Sahara and Rainbow', 'Love r Beads', 'Flamingo and Rainbow' and 'Williams Costume' on 3rd...

  • Knotting Question.


    Q: I'm curious about people's preferences on knotting. Do you prefer double strand or single? What is your opinion of using a tricorder? I've recently learned to knot (recently introduced to beading; already completely addicted) and really enjoy it. While the knots have improved considerably, it's still very tough for...

  • Fossil Beads


    Q: Does anyone know where I can find a good source for fossil beads? I've ordered some from South Pacific Wholesale Co. I love them and the company, but they only carry ten colors of the beads. I know Bead Boppers also sells them, but theirs seem rather...

  • 'Split Loom'.


    Q: Is there anyone out there who makes 'Split Loom' necklaces? I saw one book, and ordered it. What I really love is beading with people who do the same kind of necklaces, and bouncing ideas off of each other.A: What was I thinking when I made such...

  • Miracles


    Q: Anyway, Fire Mountain is now offering a Taiwanese version. I've been happy with their quality on other beads (except seed beads because they are non uniform) and I am thinking about getting some of these rather than waiting to find the Japanese ones. Has anybody seen these...

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