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  • Foam Christmas Crafts


    The festive season is here and you are thinking of various ways of decorating your house. If you get your family and kids involved in crafts you can have a very festive looking house in no time. With the rising costs it will work out much more economical to make...

  • Corporate Gift Giving


    Corporate gift giving is an effective way to enhance business relationships. Mere servants as well as multi million business clients receive them, and because of corporate gifts, their relationships with those companies are ever strengthened, assuring mutual benefits for all concerned. When giving corporate gifts, companies try to make them...

  • 'Abalone' Chips With Holes...


    Q: I have a lot of bags of these 'Abalone' chips which average about 1/4" to 1/2" in size. Please E-mail me for details.A: Warning - on 'Abaloni' shells - do not drill these without using a mask for protection, and they should be drilled under water. The dust is...

  • Grams VS Hanks.


    Q: Can anyone tell me approximately how many grams of 11/0 seed beads are in a hank? I'm just curious - and price-checking.A: 'The Shipwreck Beads' catalog (which has some very useful charts and equivalences) gives 24 hanks per kilogram for 11/0, which is about 42 grams per hank. In...

  • Personalized Promotional Gifts


    Promotional products are usually given as gifts to customers and employees to promote the business name. The products are usually chosen so that it will be used every day. Products such as pens, key rings, photo frames, t-shirts, stress balls, mugs, and mouse pads are the most common...

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