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  • Romantic Birthday Gifts


    All the women around the world love romance, being surprised, and want to have special place in their spouse life. If you have been thinking to surprise you wife, which day can be better than her birthday. Most people today find that romance is missing from their lives like just...

  • Sunken Treasure Chest.


    Q: I'm getting serious about making this! I'm gonna start it Aug 19th, in Indy, my "Olympics project". The leather, to make the chest, should be here by then, 1/2 hide, very thick, 23.25 sq feet. The lights, which will be hidden pretty deep to give an...

  • 60th Anniversary Gifts


    Gifting is most probably the best way to show you love someone. The gifts need not cost a lot of money but they must be a way to show the person you love how much they mean to you. For a 60th wedding anniversary gift, you must remember that the...

  • Mags. And Orgs.


    Q: I was wondering if anyone could suggest a couple magazines to subscribe to that are about making beaded jewelry. Also, what professional organizations do those of you who sell your beads/jewelry belong to?A: 'Bead & Button' 'Beadwork' 'Jewelry Craft' These are my favorite magazines. I am also a...

  • Employee Christmas Gift


    As Christmas season approaches, it becomes imperative to select the most appropriate gifts to give to office colleagues. What must be kept in mind is that these gifts should not only suit the individual's tastes, but also be appropriate in the company setting, that is, it should not go...

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