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  • Chocolate Corporate Gifts


    Chocolate has gone a long way up the ladder of corporate hierarchies. Now chocolate corporate gifts symbolizes brand names of big corporations and represent them in sweet and delicious tastes for their customers, associates, executives, administrators, employees, and every other important person and occasion. Unlike earlier days, when corporate...

  • Fiber Optic Bead Sources?


    Q: I am looking for sources of fiber optic beads, especially faceted fiber optic beads. Does anyone know of any websites for fiber optic beads?A: I don't know if 'Betcey' has them on the website yet, but her catalog supplement that just arrived does have the faceted ones. ...

  • 'Ott-Lite' - The Perfect Beading Lamp.


    Q: The 'Ott-Lite', a lightweight, portable, full-spectrum, fluorescent lamp is now available through 'Chevron Trading Post & Bead Company'. Its true color feature gives beaders better visibility, with less glare, and less eyestrain. The lamp also folds to a compact package that protects the bulb and has a...

  • Sell Handmade Crafts


    Handmade crafts always make a unique and stylish statement. These are an excellent source of gifts too; these are of a huge demand all over the country. These gifts are excelled and carried out by different people around the world for the purpose of gifting. Each of these is unique...

  • Websites For Stitch Instructions?


    Q: Can someone please recommend a website that has instructions for stitches? I see these listed for projects, but I have no patterns or instructions to make them.A: For starters, go to You will find all sorts of wonderful info on this site, or...

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