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  • 18th Birthday Gifts


    Selecting gifts for people is quite a difficult task. But even more difficult is the process of selecting a gift for a teen ager. Now if that teen ager is celebrating his or her 18th birthday that becomes more special, because after all the 18th birthday is a day where...

  • Patterns.


    Q: I was wondering if anyone has, or knows where I can find, patterns for christmas ornament earrings, and possibly other holiday earring patterns.A: I have a pattern for beaded marble earrings up on te 'Jewelry Crafts' web site: If you do them in Christmas colors, then they look...

  • Advice Re: Servers For Webpages.


    Q: I have registered a domain name so that I could use it as a trademark, and will be constructing a webpage over the next month. What I'm uncertain about, is how you locate a server to host the webpage once you have constructed it. Could you let me know...

  • 'The New Beadwork' Question.


    Q: Yes, I think this technique is explained quite well in the book: "15 Beads A Guide to Creating One-Of-A-Kind Beads" by 'Jane Dunnewold'. It is a recent book, and you should be able to order it from just about anywhere.A: This technique, or a less elaborate version of it...

  • 'Vermiculite' Vs. 'Fiber Blanket'.


    Q: I was wondering if you can tell a big difference in using 'Vermiculite' vs. a 'Fiber Blanket' to cool beads. I just got a 'Fiber Blanket', and am about to try it. I've had a few beads break in fragile places, using Vermiculite (example: the lip...

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