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  • 'Janet Coles' Beads.


    Q: Does anyone know if 'Janet Coles Beads' in the U.K. is still in existence? If so, do they have an address/tel no.?A: That's not exactly their US version. 'Janet Coles' went bust some years ago - although I know 'Beadbox' people are related to it, something like the sister...

  • Semi-Precious, 'Bali Silver', 'Swarovksi', Czech, And More.


    Q: Ok, dumb question here. What is 'Bali Silver'? Is it Sterling, or some other composition?A: Some is sterling, some isn't. I sell '925 Sterling Bali silver' - they're little works of art handmade by Silversmiths in Bali, Indonesia. I don't sell gold-plated because plating always...

  • Problem With Needles.


    Q: I've been reading all the comments about threading needles with crochet thread, but that isn't where I have a problem. I am relatively new to the art of beading, and love to make earrings using wire bases, but whenever I try to thread the needle with silk beading...

  • Wedding Gift Bridal Party


    Attending a bridal party is one of the most beautiful occasions in order to have a good time besides your newly married friends. It is said that married couples should offer presents to their guests in order to preserve the memory of their special day. It's no need to buy...

  • Graduation Gifts For Him


    Buying something as a graduation gift for a made could be a very difficult task not just for you but also for the graduate. Depending on how old the male is and the relationship that you share with him you could choose from a million options to choose the best...

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