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Art Craft Games

Most of the art craft game ideas available online and in print are biased towards boys. They tend to advocate for hyperactivity, something that does not settle down well with adorable, feminine and delicate girls. Some of the crafts will never appeal to girls, young or old, such as making wooden car toys.

If you are lucky enough to find any games for girls, they will either be cooking games, puzzle games, Barbie games and sports games. This does not cater for those daughters who are artistically inclined while still feminine. Art craft games offer such creative girls a chance to express themselves and to develop their artistic skills.

Some of the art craft games are specifically designed with creative girls in mind. This range form home decor crafts, painting crafts to design art crafts. For instance, let us consider online coloring and painting games for girls.

Most sites are offering numerous coloring and painting games that a girl can play online and for free. These coloring and or painting games are simply versions of the ordinary coloring book most children adore. They present a set of black and white line-only drawings that the girl can then color to whatever shade she likes.

There is a host of varied coloring and painting games to choose from, based on the subjects one has to color. You can for instance choose the Hannah Montana for your girl, while other girls will only be interested by the Mario coloring games. Additionally, you will also get assorted fantasy creatures and or ordinary animals. These games offer a better chance for a girl's artistic expression since she chooses her own color schemes, patterns and motifs.

A good example of such games is ArtPad. ArtPad allows your daughter to craft an innovative painting in a largely semi-realistic way. She gets to choose the particular size of paint brush to use, the brightness, darkness and intensity of the colors of her paint etc. She even gets and opportunity to add some text on the painting.

One great thing about the ArtPad and similar programs with art craft games is that they allow the child to learn since he or she can easily undo a wrong move/choice or replay a repeat pattern. These games come with an artwork gallery from which the child can watch others masterpieces. Once she has made her masterpiece, you can then print it and hung it in her room or in any ideal display point.

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Once she has made her masterpiece, you can then print it and hung it in her room or in any ideal display point

bubble contest said:

Some of the crafts will never appeal to girls, young or old, such as making wooden car toys.

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Art craft idea is wonderful, its for the girls also they may also like this game.