Arts And Crafts Fabrics

Fabric has always been an inseparable part of arts and crafts. Be it quilt or cotton or canvas or even wool, there has been a link between the fabrics and the art and crafts. The quilts for instance were once considered as the poor man's protection from the biting cold, has now blossomed and developed in to a major fashion accessory and considered to be a symbol of high living. The quilts have always been sewn by hand during the olden days, with lots of old story books depicting the picture of an old lady or the grand mother of the story sitting in a rocking chair and sewing on her quilt.

Quilt designing and embellishing has become a rage as of now. Quilts are now used not only as a part of the bed spreads or covers but have now progressed to being used as independent pieces of art and have been used as a wall embellishment in many a stylish home or even in a stylish restaurant.

Another aspect of fabrics in arts and crafts is fabric designing and fabric painting. Have you not seen how a simple white plain looking T-shirt gets transformed in to a hip hop piece of modern art? Fabric painting is an art in itself with lost of commercial options for this particular field of design.

Another fabric which is widely used in arts and crafts is after all quite indisputably- silk. Silk has always been considered as synonymous with royalty and elegance. The olden days of royalty and the monarchy had an unwritten law that silk was meant exclusively for those of royal birth or royal descent. The commoners were never even allowed to catch a glimpse of this wonderful material. No wonder that the silk as a material is even today considered as something royal and elegant and many an exquisite gift is covered with or packed in silk.

Fabrics have also been used to cover the dolls and statues. They have also been used in so many places where the original craft has been done and the fabrics or the use of fabrics is just done to complement the whole visual appeal. Fabric painting or use of fabrics in arts and crafts has flourished over the years as a reputable business and an excellent creative idea. There are many online courses available which conduct these fabric painting classes or there are many do it yourself guides available to give a basic insight in to this kind of craft and art.