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Ideally, your must always be construed as a team. Every team, basketball team, football team, soccer team, rugby team you name it, needs a flag. The flag denotes the colors, the themes and the identity of that team. That is one. A family is also a social unit. Such as a school, a community, a state, a country etc. Most of these social units have a flag that represents their common identity.

Now you get the drift. Therefore, the question is, does your family have a flag? Do you have a flag that denotes your common identity, your family colors, and your family emblem? If not, then it is time you made one. You can easily get arts crafts fabric and fashion it out as your family's flag. That would definitely be fun, especially if the entire family is involved in the design and making of the family flag.

All you need is a simple cotton arts crafts fabric measuring at least 8 by12 inches, a ruler, some assorted felt scarps featuring all the colors dear to your family, a pair of scissors, some craft glue and an 18-20 inches wood dowel that has a diameter of at least a quarter inch.

To make the flag, just cut out a distinct V-shape from one end of arts craft fabric and make a good pocket for the dowel from the other end. Then apply some glue on a straight line along one end of the fabric and fold it over with an inch's margin. Next, you have to make a distinct family coat of arms. This can be done by cutting out a shield shape on the extra arts crafts fabric and then gluing it on the center of your flag.

The next step is to cut up several other shapes on the felt scraps and then gluing them on the shield shape to complete a unique Coat of arms for your family. These shapes and colors must be chosen by your family and agreed upon before being incorporated on the family flag since that is what will make it a family flag.

Those things and activities that your family adores or which form an important part of the family's tradition and history should also be incorporated in the flag. Such might be the things that your family trades in etc. Once the family flag is dry and ready, you can then insert the dowel inside the designed pocket and then hang the flag on a central display point.