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Craft And Art Of Clay

Craft and art of clay is very extensive and does not just include pottery and ceramic items, although it forms a major part of the craft. The craft and art of clay also includes making jewelry items and sculpting different forms. There are many forms of clay craft and you can try them out to decide which suits you the best and which has the most appeal for you.

Craft and art of clay requires a good knowledge about the various types of clay available and their suitability for making various articles. Most people are first drawn to pottery and this craft can really bring out all the creativity you have. You can start experimenting with the different types of clay, but first you can choose the ones which are easiest to handle and sculpt. Polymer clay is considered to be one of the best materials for craft and art of clay and can be used by the beginner. The other materials needed for this craft is a work space which provides a smooth surface like glass or polished wood, the different tools used for shaping and sculpting, rolling pin and most importantly an oven. Many people try to make do with ordinary oven or even a toaster, but it is important to get a proper polymer clay oven.

Polymer clay is ideal for sculpting as it is quite pliable and can be molded easily into different shapes. The tools which are usually used are made out of wood with a polished surface, so that the moist clay does not stick to them. Rolling pins are used to create different textures on the clay and mainly for creating flat pieces of art. Different sizes of needles are used to create beads with holes or to make swirling designs. The clay oven will approximately take about half an hour for baking your creations in solid art pieces. Proper precautions have to be taken while using the oven and the room has to be properly ventilated.

The craft and art of clay can be introduced at a very early age to children. Children love molding different shapes and there are special types of clay available which are safe to use by a child. For starters you can introduce your child to Play-Dough which although is a very bad sculpting medium will be good as a starter. Once the child gains some experience in molding shapes you can make him work with oil-based clays. These clays are an excellent medium to create details and designs, and will give a good boost to your child's creativity.