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Craft Art Wood

Nowadays, the craft art is among the most popular types of art. However, there are so many craft arts in existence that, without doubt, all of them cannot be counted. We can mention art crafts in the area of bronze, glass, stone, mosaic, jewelry, iron, ceramics and many others. Anyway, what you are going to read in the article is information about the craft art in the area of wood. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most preferred craft arts by the people, especially by the so called high-class or elite. There are lots of reasons for this tendency- the wood ware looks more stylish and beautiful; it also makes the atmosphere in your home cozy while the metal-made pieces of art will make your home look more inhospitable and "cold".

If you also have that kind of taste and prefer the wood craft art to all others, here is some wood-made ware. The products are all hand-made by artists located in different countries located all over Europe. If you like any product, you'd better contact the person who made it as soon as possible, as it will probably be sold soon.

Stonehenge Bookends is a very nice piece of craft art which is entirely made of wood. The similarity with Stonehenge is amazing, and there are even small details included in the Stonehenge Bookends. You can put some of your books in the Stonehenge but it is up to you as it also would look fine without any books. The joinery is made by Seth Rolland and you can get it for $250.00.

A Bow Front Table is what you should definitely purchase if extravaganza is what you like. Of course, the table cannot serve for anything else but decoration due its size- 60cm high, 80cm long and 30 cm wide. The wood, the small table is made of, is one the most expensive kinds in the world. You can get the table for $2800.00 and spend some more (around $100) for a shipping charge.

"The Maple Vessel" is made by Phil Brown. The vessel has the shape of a cone, pretty similar to a funnel. This piece of art is high around 15cm and reaches 30 cm in diameter. The price of the "Maple Vessel" is $1000 and you should also come prepared to pay the shipping charge which is around $40.

Those were three pieces of craft art which are made out of wood. You can get whichever you like but you need to hurry up as they will probably be purchased soon. Each of these three products is unique and you will be the only one who has them.