Spring Arts And Crafts

Spring is the ideal time for fun and frolic. Spicing the spring up with some arts and crafts will definitely add to the excitement and enjoyment. There are numerous spring craft ideas, which can enrich the experience of spending quality time with your kids, while both the kids and you are having loads of fun.

How about making a wonderfully colored kite for your kids to fly this spring? Did you ever think that it would be too difficult to make a kite? You can get to flying kites if you are willing to spare just twenty minutes of your time and with very simple items. The first thing on your list would be a sheet of colored construction paper. Use bright colors; you need to visualize the kite flying in the sky to select the colors. Rulers, skewers, pencils, a surveyor's tape made of plastic, a card board are the other stuff you will need to make this kite.

First of all, fold the sheet of paper in to half along the width of the paper, which should be ideally 8.5 inches. Then draw a diagonal line across the colored paper. The ruler should now be used to fold the paper along the line drawn on it. The adhesive tape needs to be used now and just stick the tape after folding back the top layer of the colored paper along the line drawn on it. After the excess amount is all properly trimmed, now you may use the bamboo skewer now. Cut it to match the length of the paper, which is around eight inches in length. Now you may add another skewer along the length of the paper that is around 11 inches. Fasten the skewers nicely and firmly using the adhesive tape. You are almost done at this stage. Just cut out a nice tail for the kite from the surveyor's tape and stick it to the base of the colored paper with adhesive tape. Turn the kite around and you need to punch some holes for the string to be introduced inside the holes. This string will keep the kite secure and will help you in flying the kite. Just punch 2 holes, one at the tail end and the other at the top and secure the string properly. Once you are done, remember to stick the adhesive tape which will keep the string from tearing the paper. Your kite is now ready to fly.