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Valentine Art Craft

Valentine day is a fun occasion for all, both the elderly and the young. There are several art pieces one can make out for their loved ones. Here are some considerable venues to make valentine art crafts that you will dazzle the recipient with. Tools needed are:

* A varied array of colors

* Paper if possible a hard cover

* A pair of scissors and

* glue

The key thing is that you have to know the day has to do with love symbolically represented by a heart. Cut out from the paper a similar shaped figure. To make it proportional, fold the paper in two pieces and cut out a J-like shape. Obtain as many sizes as possible. Red is a suitable color but not mandatory.

On a different piece of paper, draw an outline of any building or animal and apply glue on its inside. Stick the many pieces of the heart-shape into it and let it dry out. Creatively, you can try out other shapes and designs. For example, a half folded heart makes the back on an insect; say a ladybird.

Making card holders for Valentine's Day

The requirements are; - an unused box, scissors and paper glue. Cut a small slit on the top and carefully stick a decorated paper which can be printed or custom decorated. You probably have seen those paper models of cartoon figures in shops. Here is how you can make one for your box. Glue a cartoon image (can be drawn) on a manila paper, cut out its outline and stick it at the back of the valentine box. Place some hands at the side to create an impression that the animal has clasped the box. You can place the box at a convenient place where one can place gifts or cards into it.

Another method is to make a valentine jigsaw puzzle. In a heart shaped piece of thick cardboard, write a favorite poem suiting the theme of the moment. Additional decorations can be put to make it more appealing. Then you can have the main board be cut into relatively small distinct pieces. Such a craft can be used to portray a meaningful message to a loved one. Consider it like this, presenting the gift in a jumbled up manner and letting the receiver figure out the message is more romantic and will have a greater mnemonic effect than any other gifts.