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'Aleene's' Bead-It Loom...

Q: I happened to see a loom made by 'Aleene's' that I was interested in buying. On the back of the package, there is mention of a book that 'Aleene's' also puts out with more expanded instructions on using the loom. My local craft store doesn't have the book, and I don't see it mentioned on 'Aleene's' website. Does anyone know of a shop in the Wash. D.C. area that has a good stock of 'Aleene's' craft stuff, and might have this book?

A: 'M's' usually has some good informational products. I have this particular loom. I used it once, and won't use it again. It is flimsy and difficult to work with. They make it look easy to use on the program, but in the real world, the threads can jump off the loom very easily, if you tug the beading threads too vigorously. I also have had the same loom, and have started a project but not finished it, but i enjoy using it. I also heard there was a book, and have not found it yet. I guess if we knew the name, perhaps that would make it easier. Perhaps E-mail them and ask them directly. I live near Vancouver, BC, and Seattle so if anyone knows where to find the book i would also appreciate to know. Well, after looking at the loom, I was thinking that if I had the book, I wouldn't need the loom ;-) - unless it has properties I couldn't see through the package. I think it's flexible and can "bow". At any rate, it looks easy to make oneself. A flexible loom, is a bad loom. Looms should be rigid so the tension is consistent. Wood is the best material for looms.