Annealing Kiln.

Q: I would appreciate any information on where to purchase a small glass bead annealing kiln.

A: I can tell you where to get one in England - but I guess you are in the USA. I suggest you ask on, as there are lots of hot-glass workers in the USA there. That's if you don't find out here, of course. I think I know a great place for you to find what you are looking for. The name of the store is 'TSI', it is located in Seattle, on a Street called Nickerson. Okay, for all kinds of kilns, and very helpful people, 'Hobby Ceramicraft', 01256 762461 - they are in Hook, Hampshire, but will ship anywhere in the country (and maybe outside, I don't know). They import the Paragon kilns, for example, some of which are ideal for annealing.