Any Ideas???

Q: What size needle do you use for the small... (I mean small) seed beads? I got a couple of packages at 'Wal-Mart' to practice with. I seem to have a problem getting the bead to fit over the smallest of beading needles, the colapsable (SP?) ones.

A: I don't use a needle for my beading, but I use something called 'Tiger Tail'. It comes in different sizes and is very good for necklaces and some bead-weaving. I just started using the elastic for making bracelets, and I finish off the ends by tying it and then adding a dab of super glue. The bracelets I am making are all tiny beads, and I make one color on one, mixed beads, another hue of that same color on another, and so on until I have three to five. Then, I wear all of them at once, or, I should say my friends do - so far I haven't been able to keep one because everyone likes them so much. I have been buying some of my beads and all of my wire and elastic and tools from Don't get frustrated, just keep asking questions and trying new ideas. Part of creating good stuff is you have to make some bad stuff too! You might want to try making a self-needle on your threads. You do this by soaking a couple of inches at the end of your thread in glue and letting the glue dry, then cut off the very end of the thread at an angle. This makes the end of the thread stiff enough that you can poke it through the beads - the stiffened end becomes your needle. It's very useful when you're using beads with small holes, because this way you only have the thickness of the thread itself to deal with, not two thicknesses plus a metal needle. The "needle" end will lose its stiffness eventually - when this happens, just cut it off and soak the end in glue again.