'Artistic Wire' - Stuff.

Q: If you would like to see some of the fun I have been having with 'The Artistic Wire', 'WigJigs', and 'The Twist'N'Curl', take a look at http://craftwolf.com/wire/wirework.jpg.

A: I was about to ask if anyone had any work using 'Artistic Wire' - or any other wire - and there was your message. I'm on my way to your wire-work site right now. I think you rejoined the 'Bead-List' just after the last round of wire- work discussion. There are about six of us actively using the stuff, and more new colors coming all the time. Assuming my wrist holds out, I will get the new info page up about available sizes and colors in the next couple of days. There is also an article in 'Weaver's Magazine' issue #41 Fall 1998 about how some of my weaving friends are using the wire. The article author, 'Doramay Keasbey', and one of the featured artists, 'Renate Chernoff', are friends, and members of both the 'Potomac Craftsmen Guild' (Weavers & Knitters), and of the 'Protomac Craftsmen Gallery', a fiber-artist gallery located in the "Torpedo Factory" in Olde Towne Alexandria Virginia. The 'Twist'N'Curl' is a wire working tool created by glass bead artist 'Donna Zalusky' of Washington DC. She showed, but will be officially introducing the newer version at the DC 'Bead Bazaar' in two weeks. The chain is made using a knitting spool. The plastic models are not strong enough in my experience for wire, but there is one made by a small company in Vermont, 'Good Wood', that also used rounded cotter pins instead of nails, so is especially suited to wire projects. There are several ways you can add beads, stones, or other fun stuff. After the tube has been knitted, there are several ways you can get the loops all even, and the shape regularized. It's not difficult, just time comsuming. We have at least one member of the 'Bead-List' who cannot make these necklaces fast enough for the boutiques who display her work. I have been making chainmail and doing wire weaving by hand, can you give us some more info about the knitting spool and this company, 'Good Wood'? I would really like to try this out. I recently got one of the 'Wire Wizards' and I can't keep up with the demand for the pieces I make with it to even get some of them on my website. I would love to add a chain like this one. That looks a lot easier to make than what I'm doing now.