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Bead-Stringing Machine?

Q: Some months ago, I read something about a bead-stringing machine of some sort. Just stick your needle in and POOF! the beads jump on. Anyone have any information about these, or where I can find one?

A: I think I saw something like that once. It was a round platic thing that you put beads in. Then you were supposed to put the beads in and use a flexible needle to thread them. You'd like stick the needle in the botton and twirl it around and the bads go up on it. The problem is, you have to stop every 30 seconds to move the beads down the needle and you have to find your own flexible needle. Plus, it was like 8 bucks! It might help you find what you need, I found it by searching at under "bead spinner".....I know nothing about this company/seller, but the url has a picture and desciption of how it all works. I bought a bead spinner from the bead spinner lady at 'Embellishments'. She has the original design. About 40.00, and it works like a charm. Her ads are in all the jewelry mags and Lap journals. I was skeptical until I saw it work. It comes with 2 needles and the beads that feed themselves down and onto the thread. I have one. It does work. It's especially good for doing beaded flower work. It's just for seed beads. I have the wooden one, and it's rather attractive even just sitting around in my beading corner!