Bead And Gem Show.

Q: Has anyone gone to these types of things before? I always miss them since I am on the road so much and in a truck that is 65 feet long it does not leave me too much room for parking to stop and look but I will be in a car in Feb. and that is where the show will be Tucson AZ can anyone give some info on these thanks in advance peg. are they cheaper for beads and other things that they sell then in the stores.

A: I'm leaving for Tucson in about 10 days. It will be my 4th year. I do my major bead buying for the year there, not necessarily because the prices are so cheap (though you can get good deals), but because there are so many vendors in one place. I prefer to see and touch the beads I use in my jewelry so I don't do much buying online. My two partners and I go and have a great three-day bead frenzy! The show I like best for lampwork and handmade beads is the 'Best Bead Show' in Tucson starting Feb 3. The 'Whole Bead Show' is also good (not just lampwork), and will be free with tax ID. The rest of the shows have tons of beads, you just walk and look and shop 'til you drop. You can also buy pearls, findings, supplies, packaging, and anything else you can think of. Virtually everywhere, you can pick up the 'Tucson Show Guide' which is a phonebook-sized guide, so you can tell which shows are best suited to your interests. I know it is at the airport, and many hotels and restaurants have it on display too. Park the truck and you can use the free shuttle which is a little slow but handy, the parking situation isn't great anywhere. Since the main thrust of this month is mineral shows, there is a lot to buy in the way of geodes and fossils. I steer away, because I can't carry it on the plane back to NJ. If you leave a little room in the truck, you will find plenty to fill it. It is a lot of fun!! I'll be at the 'Best Bead Show' at the 'Howard Johnson's' on Benson Highway (just in from the airport, first stop!) Lots of us with yummy beads... I'm introducing my new video and demonstrating making beads with stained glass remnants. For those of you on 'eBay', I'll be back and starting to run things on 'eBay' again on Feb 10th. I'm praying for immunity from the industrial flus coming in from all over the world!!! The Rodeway Inn tent is fun, The Day's Inn is a good location if the weather is nice. There's lots of mystical activity around there...I think 'Jumpstart' is around Jan 27th... The Holidome (which is not to be missed) opens on Feb 2 I think, but don't trust my words on this, check it out before you arrive. There's got to be some kind of website! It's overwhelming, that's for sure... and unforgettable. 'Kate Drew-Wilkinson' On Sun, 23 Jan 2000 00:46:03 -0800,