Beaded Amulet Purse Pricing-again

Q: I never felt like we reached a good conclusion on this topic, so I thought I'd ask a specific question. Since most of us have the book Beaded Amulat Purses- How much would you charge a gallery for the end product of project number 2? Assume the gallery is going to double your price when selling to the customer. If you don't have the book, how much would you charge for the beaded amulet purse project in Bead and Button?

A: I don't think this is going to help but Carol Wilcox Wells asks between $1500.00 and $3000.00 and up for her bags. Just a question: Are your designs original or copies? What material is used and the skill of the artist are all relevant in pricing. I charge between $95.00 and $300.00 for my bags. I unfortunately am unable to wholesale beadwork, but do wholesale small earrings and such. (due to amount of money I need for my work) All designs are original and only the best materials are used. I have been beading for over five years on a daily basis and have been told that my prices are still to low for the work. I'm only on my second one. The first was the basic beading pattern for Beaded Amulet Purses Design 2 but I totally changed the colors and beaded my own design (in Delicas). It turned out beautifully. I wouldn't sell the first couple, but I do sell glass and polymer clay work and wouldn't mind selling the purses (in very small quantities) as well eventually. How many hours does it take you and how many beads in a typical purse of yours? In the main body of the work mine was 2000 Delicas and took about 20 total hours. In the latest Bead and Button, they mention 20 hours as average as well. I'm sure if I get a little more complex with them it could easily take longer yet. At $15 in materials and 20 hours times $5/hr. minimum that is still $115 minimum. And I'd tend to go higher. Also, I think Carol Wilcox Wells does larger work also that may sell for the prices you mentioned. Ornament magazine lists her prices currently as $960-$2500.