Beaded Christmas Tree.

Q: I've just made all the branches for an adorable little beaded Christmas Tree. Any ideas how I can decorate it?

A: Why, little bead ornaments of course. A friend and I decorated a mini christmas tree - not made up of beads - and we used larger beads on head- pins with tiny, thin wire hangers. 8mm faceted glass - even plain Druk (round) beads . The little angels made from combining a round, a side drilled crescent and a cone, would be cute too. We went wild, even stringing beads to make a nice garland. We appliquéd a star from plastic gold beads. It was quite a sight. Assuming you used your usual 11's, why not consider using some size 6's as round "balls" (lots of colors) and maybe some' Magatamas'? Also, you could use your bead spinner to string some bead soup in bright colors for a garland. A bit of gold or silver 'ArtWire' would also work for single-color garland or maybe some metallic threads. For the star, either wire shaped by itself or with silver-lined beads would be fun. I have also made a beaded Christmas tree. It's really nice, and has tiny lights on it. I made some of the ornaments out of round and faceted 6,8, & 10mm beads, some with beadcaps. I used a small headpin and put a small bead, then the bigger bead, another small bead, and bent the pin into a circle. Bend wire into S's for hangers. My advice is to then close the hangers, or you will have all the ornaments fall off if you accidently tilt the tree (this is the voice of experience talking). I also used some small wooden beads and painted them. Small wooden blocks can be painted like a set of blocks. Make a skirt out of felt, and 'Ric-Rack', and you can buy some toys, and little wrapped packages in the miniature shops. My tree is in one of those glass dome displays, and it looks super at night with the little lights twinkling. They come from the miniature store too. The battery pack is wrapped like a package. I glued all the other packages down, but you have to leave the battery one free, in case you have to change the lights. I bought a few ornaments for my tree. An angel for the top, some candy canes, and a few other things just to give it variety. They were VERY expensive though, so I made most of them. The homemade ones look really nice.