Beaded Stethoscope Cover.

Q: Could anyone help me to find instructions for making a beaded stethoscope cover? I have searched high and low and don't know where else to look. Any help at all would be appreciated.

A: I've never seen any directions - these would vary with the make anyhow, but I think you could do it kind of like a beaded bead. You'd have to be careful about the beads not going over the edge and interfering with skin contact - assuming that this is a 'working stethoscope'. That means you might have to be non-purist, and glue the beads to the edge so they stay. Maybe it would be better to cover some of the tubing with tubular peyote? Anyway, sounds like fun. I think they are cool, but our infection control department does not. 'Scope' covers of all kinds have been outlawed at our hospital because they can't be cleaned between patients, Although for the most part, they don't need to be, but there is always that one - you know the one. The one that will turn all the non-medical stomachs in the group :-)) You might want to check before you spend all that time and then can't use it - that would be a crying shame.