Beaded X-Mas Trees.

Q: In a catalog recently, I saw some kits to make X-mas trees from beads and safety pins. Does anyone know how to make these?

A: I don't know if these are the ones you want, but there are instructions at: These are quite large and you can have mini Christmas lights in them. I haven't tried the new 15" tall trees in the kit, but I have done the bead and pins trees that I got from a pattern available at 'Craft King'. The patterns were $0.50 each and were called 'Twinkle Trees'. The new kits look similar, but larger and finer. They are fairly easy to make, and I no longer need the pattern. These sell wicked fast. Finding a good, inexpensive, source for the pins is always the tricky part, but it leads to such interesting questions at the checkout when you grab a bunch of them on sale. :-)