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Q: I am looking for a webpage that will give details about the different types of beads and their history. Any suggestions?

A: "Peter Francis, Jr." is the head of the center, and a very knowledgeable bead historian. His book, 'Beads of the World', is a great reference. I met him once, and he helped me identify the probable origins of some beads I picked up at estate sales. The website has a chat room where you could ask specific questions. Another book (I know you're looking for web sites, but...) that is an excellent reference is 'The History of Beads' by "Lois Sherr Dubin". You may find a copy at your library (or your librarian may be able to get it through inter-library loan) if you don't want to buy it. Check out the E-zine (free) on the, and every week or so there is an article on different stones. These E-zines are archived and can be seen. They give a background, history, and little known facts about one stone per week.