Beading Loom Question.

Q: I'm wondering what other people use for beading looms. Right now, I use a home-made 'PVC' pipe frame. I have seen 'Mirrix' looms, and I think they're interesting and hope to get one soon. However, I will be teaching some beading classes this fall, and I think the cost of the 'Mirrix' looms will be prohibitive as a class loom. Does anyone out there use some other looms - I can't seem to locate any other suppliers.

A: 'Fire Mountain Gems' sells several different looms. You can get one of their catalogs through While we're on the subject, what is the difference between a seed bead loom and one for 'Delicas'? I have heard that the Delicas don't work on a regular one. 'Ebay', 'Amazon', 'Boxlot' & 'JustBeads' ID: 'Allarts' (beads, craft items, collectibles) 'NewHouse Gifts Delica Beads' ( I don't know - I've used just about every kind of beads (including 'Bugle' beads and pony beads) on my loom, but then, it's just a square frame... For a good loom, there isn't any difference. You just change the reed (a specially-spaced spring or a line of the beads you're using that lets you put the warp on in exactly the right place). If you've got a loom that has a permanent reed (and I've never heard of one, but I suppose there might be one out there), you're going to have trouble even with seed beads because they vary a bit. I use a vertical loom. I'm disabled and can't work at a table, and a vertical loom lets me work in my recliner, with the loom on my lap. I highly recommend 'Cindy's Crafts' looms: Her husband will also make custom looms if you need them.