Black Nylon French Hooks.

Q: Can anyone tell me where to find black nylon french hooks? I have catalogs from 'Fire Moutain', 'Rio Grande', and 'Rings and Things'. 'R&T' has the translucent nylon, but I can't find black ones.

A: I just updated, and revised my new website. For all those who know me, please take note of my new webpage, and E-mail address in my signature below. I found them at my local craft store. This seems to be the time of year that they carry them. I already discarded the packaging, so I can't tell you the brand, but it was a bag of 50 pairs (100 hooks). No, but if you're looking for them primarily for sensitive people, 'FMG' now has niobium french hooks, and they come in "purrty" colors. You might want to call 'Fire Mountain Gems' and ask them. I know they carried them at least up until last year. They offered them in assorted colors and black only. Even if they don't carry them anymore, they MIGHT give you the name of the distributor or manufacturer, who could then direct you to another supplier. We sell a variety of supplies for bead and fiber artists. Our online catalog is located at