Choker Wire - Help Wanted.

Q: A few years ago, I bought some "choker wires" in Germany. Essentially, it's just a length of wire with a small tube attached at one end. Beads are then threaded on a slight bend and put in the other end. It is then pushed into the tube as a clasp (the bend sort of wedges it).

A: I have one of those, but didn't find it just now with a quick look. If you'll E-mail me, I'll write back when I find it, hopefully still in its packaging. I haven't seen anything exactly like you are describing, but 'Rio Grande' at has several types of choker wires, and they also carry necklace memory wire that I use to make chokers with great sucess. If you do find that info, would you also post it here, please. I've been searching for something similar, specifically cable wire (not sterling) that can be used as a choker. Something I had seen recently on the 'Carol Duval' show was "Memory Wire". It comes in coils like a slinky, and they showed it being used for chokers, bracelets, etc. I'm not sure where they said you could obtain it, but 'Carol Duval' has a "spot" on www.HGTV.COM.