Q: I am trying desperately to find one part of a clasp. I use the spring clasps on my bracelets, and have been using jump rings for the other part of the clasp. The problem I have been having is that the thread slips through the jump rings, or they bend, but they always come off. I have resorted to super gluing a seed bead over the opening on the jump ring just to keep it from falling off.

A: 'Rio Grande' gives EXCELLENT service. I've been a customer for several years, and have never had an unfortunate experience. You can work with them in complete confidence, and no, I don't work for them. I think what you are talking about are chain tags with a small hole on one end, a plaque-like middle, and a larger hole on the other end to fasten your spring ring clasp too close the necklace. They also are hallmarked for quality...i.e., if you are using gold filled material, you can purchase chain tags that indicate that (same goes for sterling silver and 14K gold). The only source I have ever found for these items is 'Rio Grande'. I'm a brand new customer of theirs, and I'm extremely satisfied with their service. Their telephone number is 1-800-545-6566.... the stock number for the type of chain tab I puchased is 633-262 (has a 14/20 g.f. hallmark on it.) 'Rio Grande's' great staff would, I'm sure, walk you through the sizes and types they have available. Try spring rings instead of jump rings. They're a little more expensive, but are closed all the way around, like the way a keychain works. Just an idea. I avoid glue at all costs - it's so messy, and craft is key when working in a field such as this.