Clear Elastic Cord.

Q: I was at 'Marlboro Gem and Bead Show' yesterday and finally found some illusions... see through... cord labelled: "clear elastic cord". This is the best I have seen. Unfortunately, there is no label with manufacturer and width. It came 25 feet in a baggie. I'm Unable to figure out maker name from seller. It is so pliable, smooth, and expensive. It's 40 cents a foot. Does anyone have any idea what it's called, and where I can buy it in quantity and get a better price (per foot)?

A: I would like to know this too, and also, does anybody have a source for the elastic cord in COLORS? I saw some great bead chokers and bracelets using COLORED elastic cord such as red and purple. It looked great peaking through the glass beads! I recently saw the 'Soft-Flex' guys at a bead show. They had the elastic cord - feels like plastic, comes in clear, I think this is what you're talking about- in a fair number of colors. They are online at: They were very nice folks. Reasonable prices. If it's the "regular" 'Soft-Flex', that stuff is very nice and flexible, but it ISN'T elastic - i.e. you can't stretch it to get a choker length over your head like you can with the new elastic thread (I found that attribute quite amazing!). It comes in 1.0mm, 0.8mm, and 0.5mm on 100 meter spools. It comes in 'clear' only. My store (Metalliferous, Inc., 212-944-0909) sells it for $49 per spool. I don't think you'll find it for less. I saw the 'Soft-Flex' guys at a show recently, too (Mike & Scott, although I always refer to them as "Soft" and "Flex," not that I know from personal experience) - they are carrying an elastic thread in colors - not "regular" 'Soft-Flex'. I bought some in a great cobalt blue.