Daisy Bracelet

Q: My daughter is in the process of trying to make a daisy bracelet and the middle bead keeps popping out of the middle. The thread isn't too tight, I checked. Anyone have any ideas? Send me the instructions if you have them PLEASE. I'm not even sure she's doing it right.

A: Does the middle bead come all the way off or just stand up compared to the others? If the middle bead is just standing up, it may be big enough thatvyou may need one or two more edge beads to be able to go around the middle bead. Does this make sense? I've had this happen to me before and that's how I fixed it. Normally daisies are 6 or eight beads around. If you are doing this, you have your needle going through the right side of a bead, put your center bead on, then go through the left side of the bead of the bead opposite(the needle is coming out of the R/S of the bead). Thats what I do to avoid pop-ups anyway. Here are some possible solutions to your problem (I've made about a million daisy chains for my 60's & 70's loving 11 year old daughter!). 1. Check the size of your middle bead - could you use a smaller bead, perhaps? 2. Add another "petal" to your daisy - in other words, another outside bead. 3. Check your stringing pattern. You may be a little off-center. Does your flower look a little lopsided? Try to use even numbers of petal beads and make sure you are going in one side and out directly through the opposite side.