'Delica' Beads.

Q: I am looking for a source (either mail order or a retail shop) that will ship. I need them for a project, and I've been unable to locate them anywhere in my area.

A: I have purchased a great deal of 'Delicas', in both 10gr and 100gr quantities, from 'General Bead'. Their prices are unbeatable, shipping costs are the lowest I've ever seen, and their service and helpfulness are fantastic. I highly recommend them. Their website is at http:www.genbead.com and of course, you can order over the phone. Ask them to send you their separate 'Delica' catalog and price list. I order from 'C&G Beads & Findings', 1-800-601-9973. They are cheaper than 'General Beads' or 'Caravan', but their selection is not as big YET. Marge keeps getting in new colors each order, and every one that I've ever talked to there has been really nice and helpful. I can't remember how much I paid for the bead cards, but I do remember thinking they were cheap. Try 'Fire Mountain'. They have 'Delica' beads, and tons of other beading and jewelry stuff at great prices. I have been dealing with them for years and they are great folks.