'Delica' Colors In 15s.

Q: I'm looking for a mail-order source for these in quantities of between 15-15 grams per color. Anyone carry these, or know someone who does? I have a few colors and I LOVE them! I WANT MORE!!!

A: See 'Caravan Beads' at: http://www.caravanbeads.com/Pages/email_catalog.html Scroll down to read the price lists. This is a humongous page. At the very top are the 'Miyuki' 15s that match 'Delicas' in colors. The site seems to be under construction, but you can write E-mails to them still, and the phone number is also there. They seem to have them. I carry the regular 'Delicas', and am just starting to build up some stock (can order whatever is available) of the 15s. 'Caravan' does not sell in retail amounts of the 15s - I believe the smallest is 1/4 kilo. P..is looking for the size 15 'Delicas', not Japanese size 15 seed beads in the 'Delica' colors. The above sites are for the seed beads, not the small 'Delicas'. Pamela is too upset with me to allow me to apologize or send her sources for the size 15 'Delicas', so I hope one you can send her links for what she wants. I'm posting this, so I do not waste other people's time thinking these are sources for the small 'Delicas'. They do sell size 15 JSBs in the 'Delica' colors, but the above do not sell the size 15 'Delicas'. Pamela, I do apologize for wasting your 45 minutes of time looking through the above links, and for the time it took to read my followup message and reply to both. Well, from what I've heard from another in contact with her, it sounds like I have made matters worse. What she may be looking for is what she said, the size 15 seed beads. However, the sites I sent her to did not use the same STOCK NUMBERS as the 'Delicas' do, even though they are the same as the 'Delica' colors (made from the same glass at the same sites). If that IS the case, she never said, (those shops probably could have sent her that info, their written catalogs may have it), but the one thing I am certain about is that she wants me to shut up, so I will say no more.