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Dr. Laura's Beads On 'Ebay'?

Q: I can't believe this! Check out 'eBay', do a search on "Dr. Laura necklace"...she's got beaded necklaces up for sale, with proceeds to go to charity.

A: Wow! I don't know if it's just me, but I didn't like any of them. Not my style at all! I'd rather just give the money to charity and let her keep those necklaces! I can't help wondering if any celebrities will be showing up in Tucson in February, now that so many of them seem to have taken an interest in beading. If they're really serious about it, they should be there! They were not worth that price! Charity is good, but it needs to be more... not sure ... something is missing anyway. I like to see beads made by real glass artists or metal and stone by jewelers. Those designs do not look any different from other necklaces of that type. If she does go to Tucson, she cannot compete with the people that will be there. Here we are trying to improve our jewelry making and designing skills, when obviously the more profitable route would be to find a way to become FAMOUS. Then, we could string any old crap together and get 20 times the price! I should have been more clear. I meant for buying, not selling! Lol! Mostly, I was thinking about the other celebrities who were making beaded jewelry, but I can't remember who they were! There was some discussion about it a few months ago on the AOL beads board. I don't pay that much attention to famous people, I can't even remember if 'Dr. Laura' is the one who makes me angry, or if that's someone else (if a famous person shows up, you may have to point them out to me, I'm terrible with faces). Was it 'Melanie Griffith' or something? Was that discussion on the 'AOL' boards, or here? 'Cher' maybe? I know what 'Cher' looks like, anyway. 'Dr. Laura' is likely the one who makes you mad. She is blond (real??) and thin I think. I am not much of a "celebrity watcher" anyway.