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Flowing Beads.

Q: I've been looking at examples of posters work and all your strung beads just flow in such a graceful line! Mine don't. Mine look stiff and awkward. What kind of thread do you use?

A: Thread? I use 'Nymo' or 'Silamide' Stiffness. I know exactly what you mean... I hate pieces that don't drape. That's why I rarely use 'Softflex' or any of the wire-cored products. They are recommended with 'Bugles', though... 'Bugle' edges are sharp, and they'll cut the thread. Another thing I've found when it comes to drapeability is the shape of the bead. Beads that are flat on the ends (including 'Bugles') when strung together, won't have much movement. I always put tiny round (not 'Delicas') seed beads between 'Bugles', and use small round beads between other flat ended beads. They act as little joints that make the piece flow better. As for thread showing, if you stretch your cord VERY well, so the gap won't grow any larger, a smidge of space will help, but it will also cause a weak point (a place where the cord will rub on the finding). Everything is a tradeoff and a judgement call. I find that very tiny spacers, and a few tiny beads before each finding are a good middle ground. Just a disjointed rambling effort to get you started in the right direction... The best thing I can tell you is, keep experimenting, and don't be afraid to rip the sucker out if you don't like it! This is very true - the effect is worse the shorter the necklace is, and worst of all in bracelet. With those 4x13 mm semiprecious tubes, you can have the same problem - and also the beads can be uneven on the ends, which makes the beads hang crooked. 2 mm metal beads work well to solve the problem, too.