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French Cut Steel Beads.

Q: I just recently received a shipment of French cut steel beads from England (11 colours: royal blue, aqua blue, light aqua, sky blue, lime green, copper, burnt copper, forest green, mauve, royal purple, orange).

A: Unless it's something that they have in too small stock of their online site, or catalog, I don't think they carry them. The only online site, I know of, to get them was 'eBay'. They go for about $20-25 for about 12 short loops. That's for the steel beads. The French brass beads, which can be electroplated, were also made after WW2, so they are slightly more available at more reasonable prices. I am quite sure I've seen these beads in the 'Rings and Things' wholesale catalog. I can give you more details if you E-mail me personally. I have the catalog upstairs. I tried to find these beads on their website,