Help With Stretch Bracelets.

Q: I am a new subscriber to this newsgroup, and a not-very-experienced beader. I have seen department store ads recently for simple bracelets strung on elastic thread. Can anyone point me to instructions for making these on the web, or in some publication?

A: You can check out our auctions on 'eBay' under "knightmates", or if you can place a $20 order, you can order direct from We sell 'Swarovski' crystals on the webpage and auctions, the elastic cord ($5 for 4 yards), and crimp beads ($7 for 100 I think - if you just need a few, tell us) are both available through auctions or by E-mailing us. All you do is put the crystals on the elastic, put both ends through a crimp bead in opposite directions, and squish the crimp bead flat with hardware store needlenose pliers (or anything similar). It's easy. The only thing to be careful of is to get the approximate length right, because you can't uncrimp it very easily. :)