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I Am Writing An Article About Gemstone Beads.

Q: I am interested in writing an article about Gemstone beads: How they used to be made, how (and who makes them) they are made today, equipment, techniques, etc. Can anyone help?

A: Sounds like it will be an interesting article when complete. I'd enjoy hearing the answers to those questions myself. If you haven't already, perhaps a post on 'Peter Rowe' is an amazingly well-informed moderator, and could probably steer you in the right direction. Try 'Peter Francis's' site He is a tireless bead researcher and may have archived some writing on this subject, or he might help you with pointers to resources. He also publishes a free E-mail newsletter that's very educational. The latest one has some historical writing on how Chinese beads came to Spain (I think I've got that right). Hey, that is a GREAT site! I appreciate this group so much, since I started out "self-taught" and need all the help I can get. Almost every time I read here, I pick up another useful site, not to mention the sites with all the beautiful beads and jewelry for inspiration! I also enjoy all of the helpful tips posted here.