Illusion Necklaces?

Q: I happened to see one of these in a catalog today, then looked on the web and saw a few more. One of the websites said they were strung on "micro strands". Does anyone happen to know what the stringing material actually is? It looks to be some sort of monofilament?

A: Monofiliment it is. Try a fishing supply store for the best deal. Also, hardware stores. Just make sure to note the diameter you need, as there are many available. I was reading your letter and thought I would jump in. I use 6lb. monofiliment and string to that. One of the problems, if you don't knot and want a clean look, is to do each strand, making sure that the beads are where you want them, then immerse the strand in boiling water. This tightens the strand around the bead, and it does not move. It now has a new memory. Just slide the mono through the bead, then do it again, and continue. I have done multi-layer ones, and they are terrific. It is called 'Illusion' wire. It looks like the bead just "floats' on the wire. I ordered some from my wholesaler yesterday, ( will let you know how it turns out. It seems different from other wire, i.e. Softflex, etc. I'm still wondering about the crimps, are there any special crimps? Are there tiny crimps? I have a suggestion for getting the spacing even. I read this in one of the beading magazines, probably 'Bead and Button'. You cut a coffee stirring straw to the length of the space you want. Put the bead on, knot or crimp next to the bead, then string the coffee stirrer on and tie the next knot, or put on the crimp. Romove the straw over the knot or crimp, then add the bead. Knot or crimp, and then the same straw, etc... repeat. You don't have to measure this way. Although I am sure there are other "non-bead" sources, just about any bead-seller should be able to get this for you. It cones in rather large spools, about 3.5 inch diameter and 6-7 inches tall, and has about 3500 yards of thread. I don't have my invoices handy (we got some for samples, and also to investigate respooling to smaller quantity), but I suspect it was around the $20 retail price level. It could be more or less, depending on who you do business with.