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Info wanted on BEAD jewellery firm

Q: I had come across a company that had people make beaded jewellery at home for money. The name of this company is KevinChris Corp., but unfortunately I lost their address and phone number. I believe they are in Ontario so if anyone knows of them, or has any info on them, could you please e-mail me the info.

A: I would be vary wary of these types of firms. There is a steady stream of customers that come across my counter that paid for the kit to begin making the jewellery the company required, and then were told that their work wasn't good enough when they tried to sell to them. We also get customers who have signed up with 'work at home' outfits only to discover that the only acceptable source for the beads they need to complete their work is from the outfit that signed them up in the first place. And of course their prices are much higher.