Lalique Moulded Glass Beads.

Q: This is my first message. Does anyone out there know anything about/ever actually seen 'Lalique Moulded Glass Beads C1920' (open buds)?

A: I saw the exhibition in Washington DC. a few years ago at the Smithsonian. What a wonderful collection. I don't remember seeing just beads. You could check the book that the Smithsonian produced about the 'Lalique' collection. I went to the 'Lalique' exhibit as well, and cried my eyes out (my poor hubby - he's not used to an emotional wife!). After staggering away drunk with joy from the sheer beauty, I can't remember any item, just the overall impression! I'm headed to the 'Art Noveau' show at the National Gallery of Art next weekend (sans hubby); hope to deport myself in a more rational manner. Many thanks for your response - I'm following up a lead via which is an online antique and collector's price guide. You are given a password to access the database.