Looking For A Rosery Pattern.

Q: I'm hopeful that someone could direct me somewhere, where I could find a rosey pattern. I am actually trying to impress the mother of the man I've recently given my heart to, and would be very grateful for all, or any help given. I am still new to beading, and don't know much.

A: I am in the process of making two decorative Rosaries for an ex-customer and I've had to do some research myself. Go to http://beadwork.miningco.com/ and do a search. I think they hade one "Hugs Candycat". Starting from the " Y " ( yes, rosaries are just long Y necklaces ) go around, 10 small beads, then 1 large one (or the same size, separated by a few loops of chain), 10 small, 1 large, 10 small, 1 large, 10 small, 1 large, 10 small. Then, hanging down from the Y - 1 large, 3 small, 1 large. So, theres a total of 53 small, and 6 large. Have you tried www.rosaryworkshop.com?