Looking For "Granulated" Or "Sugar" Beads?

Q: Actually, I don't know what the heck they are called, but this is what I would name them. Round glass beads in assorted colors and sizes that have sort of an uneven granulation on the outside like they have been rolled in sugar. The granulation looks sort of metallic. I have looked in all of my catalogs, and several places online. Does anyone know what I am talking about, and where I might find them?

A: It is called "Fret Beads". The beads are rolled in tiny pieces of glass to produce a sugar look to the bead. I find them at bead shows. They are hard to find in catalogs, but maybe someone has some to sell. Hi, we have some stock of what we used to sell as 'Sugar Pearls' in various sizes, but I believe only in 'Pearl White'... I am looking for topaz, blues, and greens. I did find out from someone that these are Czech beads, so I have at least one other clue.