Looking For Necklace Spacers.

Q: I am trying to find a particular type of necklace spacer and I am having a tough time about it. I am looking for a spacer that has loops on both sides for attaching items. I am not too worried about the type of metal that it is made from at this point. I am just trying to find a source for such a spacer. I am looking for something that has at least 5 loops on either side (more would be better).

A: Try looking for "ends" or "clasps" instead of "spacers", if you actually want to fasten off on each side of this hardware. Once again, 'Rio Grande' to the rescue - they have sterling pieces meant as clasps - but nice enough to be the front - 4 rings each side, and also one with a flat bar, so you could put in as many cords as you had room. I've never seen them with 5 or more holes per side. One thing that might work is to use a spacer bar sideways. Then bead around it or something to hide the thread from the stuff you connect. I think you're looking for a station, not a spacer. Stations have holes to connect strands and spacers have holes to separate strands, if you see the difference. I've seen one with five loops in filagree, although I can't remember which catalog. You may also be able to use stations with fewer holes, by drilling or piercing more holes. I'd use a 'Dremel Mototool' with tiny bits, like hair bits or twist bits. In either case, drilled or pierced, be sure to smooth the metal on the back to avoid fraying. If you can't find what you want, could you perhaps make something similar from jewelry wire? I haven't done the wire thing as yet, but I've made spacers and stations from vegetable tanned leather. Cut shape (NB: with good scissors, or a sharp knife), punch holes, dye to match/complement the colors of the piece. Or use latigo; standard colors are black and burgundy. It's sometimes available in brown, white, or yellow.